DYM Resources Speaks at the Argus European Bitumen and Asphalt 2019 Conference

11.11.2021 Conference
DYM Resources Speaks at the Argus European Bitumen and Asphalt 2019 Conference

The conference will be held from May 22nd to 23rd in Athens, Greece. The agenda will address such key topics as the impact of IMO 2020 on the bitumen market, technical developments in asphalt mixes, the changing supply and demand landscape, and new strategic road developments. It will be attended by over 150 companies, including the key market players Shell, BASF, Colas, Galp, Repsol, MOL, Nynas, and TOTAL.

Yury Burenko, the managing director from DYM Resources GmbH, will be speaking about the prospects of the bitumen market in Russia, CIS, and the bitumen market in Ukraine, Turkmenistan, and Georgia.

“The bitumen market is undergoing major changes. The production of bitumen in Europe is falling because of the new DCU ( Delayed Coker Units). The new revisions to IMO 2020 bunkering regulations will also limit the use of sulfur fuel oil, the main kind produced in Russia, as marine fuel. It is important to analyze what these regulatory changes mean for the bitumen market in terms of production, quality, and price. For Russia, it will be promising to increase the production of bitumen,” Burenko says.

DYM Resources GmbH is an international niche oil products trading company working with all bitumen producers in Russia and shipping road bitumen to European consumers. DYM Resources offers road and roofing bitumen as well as niche bitumen products, including joint tapes, mastics, and sealants.

To meet our managing director Yury Burenko at the Argus European Bitumen and Asphalt 2019 Conference, you are welcome to contact us per email: info@dymresources.com.

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