DYM Resources at UNITI Congress 2023

30.06.2023 Conference
DYM Resources at UNITI Congress 2023

DYM Resources is going to participate at upcoming UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress on 3-5 of July taking place in Stuttgart. Our company will be represented by Managing Director Denis Varaksin, Project Manager Evgenia Dovgan and Sales Manager Galina Kurasheva.

This year, the UNITI Congress will focus on key topics, including Fuels and Biofuels, Lubricants, Additives, and Base Oils. On 3-rd of July we will participate at pre-seminars by BASF and NYNAS.

BASF’s pre-seminar „Moving the Fuel and Lubricant Industry Forward” is covering the sustainability strategy of the lubricant industry, methodologies for measuring carbon footprints, and the exploration of modern lubricants for hydrogen internal combustion engines in heavy-duty vehicles.

On the second day, attendees will receive a comprehensive overview of future fuels and lubricants, with a particular focus on engaging discussions surrounding E-Fuels and 2nd Generation Biofuels.

The representative of Argus Media Ltd will give a speech about impact of Russian sanctions on fuel, base oil and lubricants availability and prices.

Chevron Oronite will provide valuable insights into how the rheological properties of these oils impact fuel efficiency, benefiting the automotive industry.

Among the Congress exhibitors are Avista, Exxon Mobil, Lubrizol, Puraglobe.

DYM Resources is a global trading company specializing in the sourcing, supply, and distribution of a wide range of energy products, including base oils, biofuels, lubricants, additives etc. With an emphasis on sustainability, DYM Resources provides efficient and environmentally responsible solutions to meet the energy needs of industries worldwide. 

Our current lubricants portfolio consists of Base Oils of Group I, Group II and Group III of viscosities starting from VHVI-2, VHVI-4t to VHVI-6 and VHVI-8, as well as PAO (polyalphaolefin), PIB (Polyisobutene / Polyisobutylene), and viscosity modifier with various viscisities and packages.

We are open to discuss the potential partnerships at UNITI in Stuttgart. For more information and to schedule a meeting, contact us by sending a message at Contacts – DYM Resources.

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