DYM Resources at UEIL 2022 Annual Congress

11.11.2021 Conference
DYM Resources at UEIL 2022 Annual Congress

We are very excited to attend the greatest UEIL 2022 Annual Congress “Driving innovation – the lubricant industry on the move” in Athens. 19-21 October our Trader Galina Kurasheva will represent DYM Resources at the event.

Industry specialists will meet to discuss key developments in affecting oil industry – with a particular focus on green and digital transitions. The Congress will begin with fascinating seminar which will focus on future scenarios and business model evolution for the lubricant industry. The world is looking for attainable solutions to the problems of climate change. A number of these are focused on road vehicle transportation, which is a leading cause of climate-related issues. For the lubricants industry, this is a massive shift that will have far-reaching impacts across their existing products – used widely in automotive applications – as well as new product developments, and indeed their entire business models.

The programme of events will fully cover the hot and relevant topics of the lubricants industry that affect world today, including a couple of sessions, among which: innovation in raw materials, success in sustainability, innovation in R&D and product development.

The Gala Dinner will be another social highlight and also fantastic opportunity to mingle with our Expert Galina.
To meet DYM Resources at the event, please contact us to schedule an appointment:  info@dymresources.com.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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