DYM Resources at Argus Global Coke & Carbon Conference

06.09.2023 Conference
DYM Resources at Argus Global Coke & Carbon Conference

sources is going to participate at the upcoming Argus Global Coke & Carbon Conference which will be held on 11th – 13th of September 2023 in Seattle, Washington, US.
This time our company will be represented by Managing Director Yury Burenko.

For the 14th year, Argus will unite refiners and producers, calciners, traders, shipping and logistics, cement, aluminium, steel, battery markets. In 2023 the global petroleum coke (petcoke) and carbon markets are experiencing shifts and persistent uncertainty.

The agenda includes macro-views of the global petroleum coke and carbon markets with a focus on anode grade and fuel grade petroleum coke.

Among the main questions of the first part are:

  • How are geopolitics and various limits on petroleum products trading continuing to shape the global coke and carbon markets?
  • What is the big picture outlook for global fuel-grade and anode-grade coke?

The second conference day will be focused on resumes including understanding the weight of freight: calculations, cargo pricing, IMO regulations and the future of coke in the cement industry.

DYM Resources is a trading company specialized in niche oil products and petrochemicals supply. We organize finance, logistics, quality control, storage, customs clearance to help outsource supply-chain management. We serve diverse markets spanning Europe, Korea, the Middle East, USA, and Latin America. Besides petroleum coke, DYM Resources trades base oils, PAOs, PIBs, viscosity modifiers and other components for lubricants manufacturing.

Join us at Argus Coke & Carbon Conference 2023 to engage in insightful discussions, establish valuable partnerships, and contribute to the growth of the coal industry. For more information and to schedule a meeting, contact us by sending a message at Contacts DYM Resources.

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