DYM Resources at Argus Coal 2023

22.05.2023 Conference
DYM Resources at Argus Coal 2023

DYM Resources is going to participate at the upcoming Argus Coal Conference 2023, which will take place on 25th of May in Istanbul. The Trading Director Yury Burenko will represent our company on event.

This time the conference will be focusing on the restructuring of coal and other solid fuels exports amidst geopolitical changes, supply chain failures, and energy flow imbalances. The program is covering solid fuels export forecasts for the Mediterranean and Asia-Pacific markets.

Key discussion topics include the changing export landscape, global pricing dynamics, coal and petcoke export forecasts for Turkey, India, China, and Southeast Asia, and China’s green energy policy towards carbon neutrality.

DYM Resources is a global commodity trading company specializing in niche oil products. With a strong focus on quality and reliability, we serve diverse markets spanning Europe, Korea, the Middle East, USA, and Latin America. Our strength lies in understanding unique market demands and delivering tailored solutions to meet these needs, solidifying our position as a trusted partner in the global oil commodities arena.

Join us at Argus Coal 2023 to engage in insightful discussions, establish valuable partnerships, and contribute to the growth of the coal industry. For more information and to schedule a meeting, contact us by sending a message at Contacts — DYM Resources.

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