DYM Resources at 16th ICIS Base oils Conference in USA

24.11.2022 Conference
DYM Resources at 16th ICIS Base oils Conference in USA

Our team is looking forward to participating at 16th Pan American Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in Jersey City on the Hudson during 1-2 of December. This time DYM Resources will be represented by our Managing Director Yury Burenko.

DYM Resources already sources base oils from more than 30 refineries globally and still expanding its supply portfolio as well as growing client base in Americas.

With participants from North America, Mexico and South American countries including Brazil, Argentina and Chile, the 16th Pan Conference is going to be the main meeting point for the base oils and lubricants community in the Americas. Niche base oils conferences helps to gain analytical information to help frame your strategy for the period up to 2023. Core topics will include: supply trends and supply chains, electrification, heavy duty vs passenger cars, modernisation status of refineries, risk and procurement strategies.

The conference will begin with panel: How will the lubricants and base oil industries be impacted by the EV movement? The panel will be held by Chris Cleveland, R&D Director, Afton Chemical and will include the key questions:

  • What are the fluid performance requirements for EVs?
  • What opportunities are there now for lower viscosity oils and different specifications?

To meet DYM Resources at the Pan Conference please schedule an appointment via info@dymresouces.com

DYM Resources is a trading company, Yury Burenco is dealing with materials linked to Vacuum Residue processing – bitumen and petcoke. Also we can offer Group I, Group II and Group III base oils, as well PAO, PIB, viscosity modifiers and other crucial components for lubricants industry. Main destination markets are Latin America, Africa, Europe and South East Asia.

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