SN150 base oil has been purchased in Turkmenistan

16.05.2024 Base oils & Lubes
SN150 base oil has been purchased in Turkmenistan

DYM Resources has bought 2000 tons of SN150 base oil and plans to load within May-August 2024. The refinery qualifies the product as SN180, but in the market, it is usually priced and sold as SN150.

Base oils are produced in Turkmenistan at the Turkmenbashy refinery, which has a capacity of about 80,000 tons of Group I+ base oils. The base oils unit produces SN150 (SN180), SN350, and SN600 base oils with a color below 0.5, low sulfur content, and high viscosity index. These high-quality Group I products are in high demand in the Central Asia region and very often go to the Kazakhstan or Afghanistan markets.

SN150 base oil is in high demand in Eastern Europe in May due to maintenance at several European refineries and seasonally high demand.

DYM Resources GmbH has been working with Turkmenbashy base oils since the company’s inception in 2016. We can offer SN150 base oils in rail tank cars, trucks, flexi-bags, or iso-tanks starting from the end of May.

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