DYM Resources starts loading base oil from MOL refinery

16.05.2023 Base oils & Lubes
DYM Resources starts loading base oil from MOL refinery

DYM Resources has begun the base oil loading from MOL’s refinery. MOL Group is international oil and gas company, headquartered in Budapest. MOL operates two petrochemicals plants and four refineries in Hungary, Slovakia, and Croatia with total refining capacity 20 million tonnes of crude oil per year.

Their Danube Refinery in Százhalombatta is one of the largest refineries in the Central and Eastern European region, which produces 165,000 barrels per day (8.1 million tonnes/year).

MOL Group produces a range of base oils, including SN85, SN150, SN350, SN500, BS150, and light oil (WOD). In frame of current cooperation with MOL DYM Resources has loaded SN500K grade base oil by truck in April 2023. We are being able MOL’s base oils in rail tank cars, barges and railway, having 28 RTC dedicated railway fleet.

The maintenance activities planned by MOL at its refinery in Százhalombatta during the summer months may lead to a temporary reduction in availability of some products until the end of August.

By working with MOL, DYM Resources has strengthened its position as even more diversified supplier for Central European lubricants blenders, which allows us to provide our customers with the best possible products and services. Our current lubricants portfolio consists of Base Oils of Group I, Group II and Group III of viscosities starting from VHVI-2, VHVI-4t to VHVI-6 and VHVI-8, as well as PAO (polyalphaolefin), PIB (Polyisobutene / Polyisobutylene), and viscosity modifier with various viscisities and packages.

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