DYM Resources restarted purchasing Fergana base oils

11.11.2021 Base oils & Lubes
DYM Resources restarted purchasing Fergana base oils

DYM Resources has bought base oil cargo at Uzbek commodity exchange for February 2021 loading. This is company’s first purchase after the registration renewal last year.

The products in question are base oils I-12A, I-20A, I-30A, I-40A and I-50A which are similar to SN100, SN150, SN-250, SN-350 and SN-500 accordingly.

I-20A, I-40A and I-50A are industrial solvent-refined oils without additives used for general industrial lubrication and very popular grades in ex-USSR region. They provide system efficiency of industrial machines and mechanisms which do not require additional oxidation and corrosion protection. And more importantly, these lubes are cheap and can be exported.

These base oils are produced at Uzbekistan’s Fergana Oil Refinery which has a base oils product capacity between 100,000 tons per year and 400,000 tons per year according to different sources, but the refinery has not loaded more than 10’000 tons of lubes and base oils per month for many years.

The refinery uses viscous heavy crude as a feedstock so it can produce high viscosity index Group I base oils.

Fergana refinery is also producing high quality slack waxes which are in high demand in Poland, Lithuania and other European markets. Fergana slack wax is used in candle manufacturing mostly.

Fergana refinery can load base oils and industrial lubricants in rail tank cars, road truck and flexi-containers.

In this table you can find product Specification.

Fergana refinery modernization

In June 2020 Jizzakh Petroleum, a joint venture of JSC Uzbekneftegaz and Gas Project Development Central Asia (a subsidiary of Gazprom International), planned to invest $300 million in Fergana refinery modernization project for the next 3 years. The project includes an API Group II and III upgrade of a base oil plant. According to the Fergana refinery, the revamp will give the plant capacity to produce 100,000 metric tons per year of Group II and III base stocks. The modernization project is expected to be finished by 2023.

DYM Resources is buying base oils at the Uzbek commodity exchange, organizing finance and quality control and delivering products at competitive prices, with high quality logistics and flexible payment terms. DYM Resources can offer base oils from The Fergana Oil Refinery in Uzbekistan in rail tank cars or flexi-containers. To get more information or receive a quote, please send us your request to info@dymresources.com

Alternatively to base oils from Uzbekistan, DYM Resources can also sources base oils from Turkmenistan which usually export SN180, SN350 and SN600 base oils.

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