DYM Resources finished REACH registration for Base Oils

25.01.2023 Base oils & Lubes
DYM Resources finished REACH registration for Base Oils

DYM Resources GmbH is glad to announce that we have finished our REACH registration for Base Oils produced by Fergana refinery in Uzbekistan. Fergana produces 100’000 tons of group I base oils per year and plans adding another 100’000 tons of Group II and Group III base oils during 2023-24. Currently DYM Resources exports grades such as SN100, SN240, SN350, SN500 and SN900 equivalent from Fergana refinery. The producer also makes light slack wax suitable for candles manufacturing.

The REACH registration is assigned by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and would be relevant where EU companies and Non-EU companies import their chemicals into Europe. This Certification is crucial for chemical products and substances that are manufactured and imported to the European Union and it is the clearest proof that our company has fulfilled its obligation to register the product in accordance with the EU REACH regulation.

This registration entitles DYM Resources to manufacture/import lubricant oils, or produce or import an article containing it. The REACH certification would apply to all entities that are present in the supply chain. The following materials would come under the specific classification as per the REACH: substance, mixture, article.

We are now able to offer Base Oils of Group I in viscosities 5 to 20 cSt at 100C of Fergana  production to our European customers and support their production of  finished lubricants  with an alternative source raw material. Our registration covers the tonnage band over 1000 tonnes/year. We can also offer flexible logistic solutions and ship the product to end customers in tracks or flexi-tanks. To choose a particular product or service please contact our sales department: info@dymresources.com

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