Base oil exports in December

11.11.2021 Base oils & Lubes
Base oil exports in December

Total base oil exports increased massively in December to 135.36kt. The closest number to this which is 132kt was reached in January 2018. In December 2019 this figure was 15% less.

The highest export number for a few years has been reached due to strong overseas demand that influenced the domestic market prices.

Refinery maintenance work at Rosneft’s refinery in Angarsk that lasted from 10 August to 30 September has been completed that became another reason for the considerable export numbers increase. Tatneft’s Taneco with the capacity of 186.000 tons/year was also shut for maintenance in September-October.

LUKOIL’s refinery in Volgograd exported 37% more than in November and the one in Perm exported 30.650t of base oils which is 26% more than in the previous month.

Base oil exports to Baltic terminals rose in December to 59.150t which is 41% more than in November. In 2019 this number in December was 53.980t which is 9% less than in 2020.

In January total base oil exports are expected to be more than 100.000kt.

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