DYM Resources at Argus German Transportation Fuels Conference

Fuels Conference

DYM Resources is going to take part at Argus German Transportation Fuels Conference, taking place on 13 November – 15 November 2023 in Hamburg. The three-day Conference aims to explore various roadmaps to decarbonization, to investigate deeper Germany’s solution in reducing vehicle emissions including Germany’s vision to utilise e-fuels in the internal combustion engine (ICE) beyond 2035.

Our company will be represented by Trading Director Yury Burenko and Motor fuels trader Olga Bartosh.

Yury will do a presentation on “Country spotlight: Understanding demand dynamics in Eastern European and the impact on German exports” as a part of the Conventional fuel supply demand dynamics block on the second day of Conference. The main points of the speech are:

  • Exploring the current supply demand balance and emerging opportunities for trading
  • Where do we see new commercial routes from Germany into Ukraine?
  • Understanding demand for commodities and current infrastructure to support trade

The Conventional fuel supply demand dynamics block also covers topics regarding changes in global diesel flows and disruption to the global supply chains, how the shipping industry will manage new trade flow shifts within and around Germany.

Contact us via info@dymresources.com to schedule the meeting at the Argus Conference.