Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

Wood pellet – is a biomass fuel composed from by-products of wood processing operations. Wood pellets are generally used for generating heat; however, they are also used at power plants for generating electricity.

Wood pellets can be classified according to the European Standard EN-14961-2:

  • EN Plus-A1: premium quality pellets for generating heat in households
  • EN Plus-A2: standard quality pellets producing more ash
  • EN-B: industrial pellets

Wood pellet is a sustainable fuel providing numerous benefits for people, environment, and economy.

Certification: ENplus A1

Wood pellets Specification

Parameters Units Guaranteed
Diameter mm 6 ± 1
Length mm 3,15 < L ≤ 40
Moisture w-% ≤ 10
Ash w-% ≤ 0,7
Mechanical durability w-% ≥ 98,0
Fines w-% ≤ 1,0
Net calorific value kWh/kg ≥ 4,6
Bulk density kg/m3 600 ≤ BD ≤ 750
Ash deformation temperature °C ≥ 1200


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