Base oil exports in June slightly increased

11.11.2021 News
Base oil exports in June slightly increased

In June base oil exports from Russia increased 5%. This month total Russia exports were 91,28kt which is the highest figure since 2018. 

While in May there were no base oil river exports in Russia, in June they resumed – 14,09kt of base oils were exported through river from Volgograd. It’s 65% more than in April but still the lowest number since 2016.  

Exports from Riga and Black Sea decreased most considerably comparing to the previous month – 39% and 57% respectively.  

The exports of Lukoil’s refinery in Volgograd keep decreasing since April. In June 26.54kt of base oils were exported from there – it is 70% more than in May.  

Tatneft’s refinery in Nizhnekamsk with the capacity of 186kt/year is closed for maintenance till the end of July.  

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