DYM Resources starts loading Polymer Modified Bitumen

11.11.2021 Bitumen & PMB
DYM Resources starts loading Polymer Modified Bitumen

DYM Resources starts loading a new product — the EN-certified Polymer-modified bitumen (PMB). It is delivered by trucks from Russia to neighboring countries.

What is a Polymer modified bitumen (PMB)

Polymer modified bitumen (PMB) is a type of bitumen, which is formed by adding some polymer. The most common type of polymer that is added is styrene butadiene styrene (SBS). It acts as a binder modification agent.

Adding polymers provide a higher level of quality, improves specifications of bitumen, give it extra strength, additional elasticity, high resistance to deformations, heat and frost.

Polymer modified bitumen (PMB) is used in the construction of roads (85–90%), pavement, roofs, airfield, etc. (to learn more about the Polymer modified bitumen (PMB))

“The improved technical characteristics of the product extend maintenance periods for up to two times,” says the managing director from DYM Resources, Yury Burenco. «This reduces total cost of road construction and maintenance.»
“The improved technical characteristics of the product extend maintenance periods for up to two times.»
“During the 12-year cycle of operation of the road, which was made from the Polymer modified bitumen, savings on current and capital maintenance reach 32%,” representative from the Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials reports.

Producers of the Polymer modified bitumen in Russia and shipping methods

There are three largest producers of Polymer modified bitumen (PMB) in Russia: Gazpromneft (EN-certified bitumen), Rosneft (EN-certified bitumen) and LUKOIL (GOST 33133-2014 bitumen). DYM Resources is able to supply Polymer modified bitumen from all of them.

DYM Resources delivers PMB in various packages: rail road tankers, trucks, big bags and clovertainer — a container of multilayer cardboard with a volume of 1000 liters, 20-foot containers.

PMB in Russia: production and export growth

According to consulting services, production of the PMB in Russia constantly grows.

In 2017 Russia produced about 232.6 thousand tons Polymer modified bitumen. That is 15.22% more than in 2016 (202,26 thousand tons).

The growth of PMB production accelerated in 2018, as both Rosneft and LUKOIL announced, that they have started or improved their PMB-programs on several of their bitumen refineries.

Production of PMB started in Russia in 2009 in the Omsk refinery, owned by company Gazprom. Since then, the PBM market has grown up to 70 times.

Analysts predicted, that by 2025 the capacity of the PMB market in Russia will exceed to 500 thousand tons.

The Polymer modified bitumen is exported from Russia to Europe, South and Latin America, Africa, Central and South-East Asia, in such countries as Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam.

Unlike the ordinary bitumen, Polymer modified bitumen has no export duty.

DYM Resources bitumen offer

DYM Resources is an international niche oil products trading company working with all bitumen producers in Russia and supplying EN-certified ordinary bitumen and polymer-modified bitumen to European consumers . DYM Resources offers road and roofing bitumen as well as niche bitumen products, including joint tapes, mastics, and sealants. You are welcome to contact our managing directors per email: info@dymresources.com.

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