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Author: Margarita Artiushina

DYM Resources inicia la venta de alcohol isopropílico como desinfectante

En este periodo de crisis del COVID-19 en el que nos vemos envueltos, la desinfección rutinaria de superficies es una de las medidas más eficaces para impedir la propagación del virus. En DYM Resources, conscientes de la relevancia del problema, hemos decidido dar un paso adelante e incluir alcohol isopropílico (IPA) en nuestro catálogo. Esta medida es un paso esencial para ayudar a satisfacer la demanda mundial de desinfectantes de manos y de superficies.
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DYM inicia la venta de etanol y cloruro de benzalconio para la producción de desinfectante de manos.

DYM Resources se adapta a las nuevas circunstancias marcadas por el brote de COVID-19 introduciendo dos nuevos productos en nuestro catálogo: Etanol y Cloruro de Benzalconio (BAC). Debido a que la demanda de desinfectantes alcohólicos ha crecido de forma evidente, otros productos como el etanol y desinfectantes no-alcohólicos se están haciendo un hueco en el […]
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DYM Resources starts supplies for isopropyl alcohol for disinfection

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis increased demand for the disinfectant products since regular disinfection helps to limit the virus spread. Realizing the importance of the topic, DYM Resources is getting into the act: we added a new product IPA (isopropyl alcohol) into our chemicals segment. This is an essential step in helping to meet the global demand for hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants.
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DYM Resources comments on base oils supplies disruption in Lubes’n’Greases

An award-winning, independent monthly magazine about the global lubricants industry, Lubes’n’Greases, published DYM Resources’ comment on the recent disruption of Russian base oil exports by COVID-19. Please read the full article here: https://pubs.lubesngreases.com/lubereport-emea/virus-disrupts-russian-base-oil-exports/ According to DYM Resources’ managing director Denis Varaksin, the flow of products moving out of Russia and other neighboring countries has slowed. […]
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COVID-19 Update

DYM Resources is closely following all the updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. We consider the probable scenarios at the highest level and take all the necessary measures. Coronavirus has considerably disrupted business, travel and daily life, and we do our best to maintain high-quality service to our customers. Our employees’ health is certainly of the […]
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DYM Resources comments on virus changing Group I and Group III flows

The leading media in the field of lubricants, oils, and waxes, Lubes ‘N’ Greases, has quoted DYM Resources’ managing director Denis Varaksin. “China’s imports of many raw materials have dropped,” Denis Varaksin, director of base oils and waxes at German trading company DYM Resources GmbH, told Lube Report. “So, the import of base oils has […]
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