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  • Author: Margarita Artiushina

Author: Margarita Artiushina

Russian Base Oil Exports Grow in March

After dropping in January and February this year, base oil exports in Russia increased in March to 113kt up from 98kt in February. This is 13% more than in March 2020 and the biggest figure since at least 2015. Considering the fact that a few plants were on maintenance, it is a significant growth. Compared […]
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DYM Resources comments on Ukrainian lubricant supply crisis

DYM Resources commented on the lubricant supply crisis in Ukraine in a recent Lubes’n’Greases’s article by Boris Kamchev. Lubes’n’Greases is a renowned media in a lubricants industry that regularly publishes reports on EMEA lubes market. Ukraine Railways is currently facing challenges in getting finished lubricants. Being one of the main players of the European lubricant […]
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Base Oil Exports in Russia in February

Total base oil exports in Russia keep dropping – in February, the number reached 97.70 kt which is 16% less than in January and 28% less than in December 2020. February export loading were also 8% lower comparing to February 2020.   The reason for the export drop was increased demand from domestic market, stockpiling ahead of maintenances and lower number of days in February compared to January.   The Russian domestic base […]
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DYM Resources comments on Belarus base oil exports route change

Lubes’n’Greases, a well-known magazine about the global lubricants industry, published an article about the alternation of the route for petrochemical exports of Belarus. DYM Resources’s managing director Denis Varaksin has commented on the topic.    Belarus has recently changed its petrochemical exports route starting to use ports of Russia instead of Latvia and Lithuania. The main reloading port for base […]
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Base oil exports in Russia in January

After a massive increase of total base oil exports in Russia in December when they rose to the highest level in 10 years, in January the number slightly dropped to 116.81kt which is 13.7% less. It is also 4,3% less than in January 2020 – back then the exports were 121.94kt. In January, as well […]
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Base oil exports in Russia in December

Total base oil exports in Russia increased massively in December to 135.36kt. The closest number to this which is 132kt was reached in January 2018. In December 2019 this figure was 15% less. The highest export number for a few years has been reached due to strong overseas demand that influenced the domestic market prices. […]
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