Niche oil products and sustainable commodities trading

DYM Resources provides unique logistics and market expertise for a seamless customer experience

Why choose us?

At DYM Resources, we base our business on trust, quality, and efficiency. We deliver the best service to build long-term, meaningful relationships with our clients.

Best price

By providing the lowest prices to our customers, we help them maximize profits and grow their business, so we grow together.


We don’t simply get things done. We get things done in the best possible way so that our clients can focus on their business.

Market competence

Years of experience in trading and logistics and extensive product knowledge help us find an individual approach for each client and advise them accordingly.

Flexible financing

We use flexible financing solutions to limit risks for our customers and speed up their decisions.


We prioritize efficiency and avoid delays at all stages of our collaboration, from first contact to final delivery.

Perfect reputation

Excellent service and transparent communication make us a trusted partner for our clients’ business needs.


Russian Base Oil Exports grow 5% in October

Russian base oil exports grew to 114’000 tons in October which is 5% higher compared to September. It’s the highest number since January this year and 33% more than in October 2020. It’s…

DYM Resources starts loading on-spec VHVI-6 and VHVI-8 from Russia

DYM Resources started loading on-specification base oils Group III 6cSt and 8cSt from Russia. These top-quality grades can be delivered worldwide in…

DYM Resources receives a title of Growth Champion

According to a survey conducted by Focus Business in cooperation with Statista, DYM Resources got a title of one of…

DYM Resources’s overview of the base oil prices for Globuc

DYM Resources’s managing director Denis Varaksin recently spoke with Globuc about base oil prices and logistics, giving his forecasts for the future. Globuc is an enterprise for B2B…

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