Wood pellets and chips




Green energy is on the rise in Europe as well as worldwide. Pelletisation is currently the most economic and energy saving way to convert biomass into a fuel with high energy density and consistent quality. Pellets are very easy to store and can even be kept in tanks or sacks. In the recent years, pellets have become one of the most popular, eco-friendly methods of heating in many countries all over the world. To meet the global clean energy demand, DYM Resources is working on growing Russian pellets export.

Russia has 1/5 of World forests reserves and 95% of pellets production is for export. In 2019 pellets export has grown 20% to 2.1 million tons. By 2030 pellets production in Russia is expected to increase to 5.2 million tons.

DYM Resources is a professional and cost-effective pellets supplier due to its strong sourcing and logistics team. We carefully pick high quality, sustainably produced pellets and offer pellets from multiple Russian and ex-USSR suppliers. For more details please contact our Business Development team.