Russian base oils

DYM Resources Speaks on Russian Base Oils Competitiveness at Argus Iran Conference

DYM Resources project manager Denis Varaksin spoke at the Argus Iran Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in Tehran, discussing how Russian base oils and other former Soviet Union base oils will compete with Iranian base oils in a post-sanctions world.

“Heavy grades like SN 900, SN 1200 and Bright Stock from Russia will be still competitive, as supplies of high viscosity products in the region are still tight,” Varaksin said.

“A new supply of Group II and Group III from Russia is entering the market due to its high quality and low prices,” he added.

At the same time, Russian Group I base oils are losing market share in the United Arab Emirates and India, due to growing Iranian supplies after the easing of sanctions, according to DYM research.

Russia and Iran imports to India, Mt

  • Russia
  • Iran/UAE

Turkmenistan base oils have become more attractive to the Iranian and UAE markets after the launch of a new railroad line via Gorgan, Iran along the Caspian Sea. This new line cuts delivery times and costs for Turkmenistan SN 180, SN 350 and SN 600 base oils.

DYM Resources is an independent international base oils and slack wax supplier focused on products from Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Iran.

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petcoke purchase price

Rusal’s Petcoke Purchase Price Decreased by 22% in 2015

The world’s biggest aluminum producer, UC Rusal, reports that its raw petcoke purchase price dropped by 21.7 percent in 2015. The company does not specify how much it spent for petcoke (petroleum coke) or what volume was purchased.

The main reasons for the lower costs were sinking commodity prices, Russian ruble depreciation in 2015 and decreased purchase volumes.

Rusal’s purchase price for calcined petroleum coke decreased at a lower pace, sinking by 10.4 percent, while raw pitch coke prices fell by 11.1 percent and pitch by 3.2 percent.

Rusal, which accounts for 7 percent of global aluminum production, expects global aluminum demand to grow in 2016 by 5.7 percent to 59.6 million. This expected growth is based on strong demand in North America, Europe and Asia. The primary aluminum market will hit a deficit of 1.2 million tons in 2016 compared to a surplus of of 0.6 million tons the year before.

Source: DYM Resources

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petcoke production

Gazprom Petcoke Production Hits 75,000 Tons in First Half of 2015

Gazprom Neft achieved 75,000 tons of petcoke production at its Omsk refinery between January and June 2015, according to the company’s second quarter financial report.

Gazprom Neft is currently building a new petcoke (petroleum coke) unit in Omsk with a source capacity of 2 million tons per year. This new unit will help to double petcoke production in 2017.

The Omsk refinery runs a delayed coking unit with feedstock capacity of 600,000 tons per year, producing petcoke at 10,000 to 14,000 tons per month. The refinery produces 1.5 percent petcoke, a product that is in demand for electrode production.

Source: DYM Resources

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