Oil expolration near Atyrau, Kazakhstan

China tripled calcined petcoke import from Kazakhstan

China increased import of calcined petroleum coke (CPC) from Kazakhstan to 7.700 tons in May compared with 1.960 tons In April and absence of such supplies earlier this year, Chinese Customs Authority statistics says.

Kazakhstan’s green petcoke imports remain stable in Mach – May at level slightly below 27.000 tons.

Kazakh petcoke imports to China, Mt

  • Green petcoke
  • Calcined petcoke

Kazakhstan has three refineries but only one in Atyrau has integrated calcined unit. Atyrau calcined petroleum coke is being supplied to Russia.

Pavlodar refinery does not have calcined unit but has new calciner build in the same city.

Refinery location GPC production capacity, tons GPC production capacity, tons
Atyrau 140.000 60.000
Pavlodar 180.000 300.000

Kazakhstan does not import green petcoke, but the country is buying calcined petroleum coke from Russia for its aluminum production, located near Pavlodar.

Russia and China are main consumers of Kazakhstan’s petcoke. Last year 51.523 tons of green petcoke from Kazakhstan was supplied to Russia, while 93,992 tons was supplied to China. Till 2017 calcined petcoke had been supplied only to Russia – 2.403 tons in 2016.

Kazakhstan is an important supplier of anode grade petcoke for aluminum smelters, located in Xinjaing region, China.

DYM Resources is a trading company specialized on niche oil products trading, while green and calcined petroleum coke are one of the core markets for the company. DYM Resources can supply green or calcined petcoke in rail wagon, dry bulk or containers. For enquiries please contact us via our web-site  or email

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Afipsky refinery

Russia’s Afipsky refinery plan to build coker by 2020

Afipsky refinery located in Krasnodar region with crude oil refinery capacity 6 mln t/yr plans to build coking unit by 2020, as per media reports.

The refinery is located just 130km north from Novorossiysk port, where DYM Resources reloading petroleum coke for Turkish market. Exact coker capacity and technology are not yet disclosed.

Afipsky Refinery is expected to produce petcoke with sulphur content below 3% due to its crude oils sources.

“Petroleum coke is in high demand in Black Sea market and most of Afipsky green petcoke will end up in export market” – DYM Resources senior petroleum coke trader Yury Burenco comments.

DYM Resources GmbH is supplying green and calcined petroleum coke globally by bulk, rail and trucks. Company is offering expertise in finance, logistics and quality control services to its clients. For enquiries please contact us: or

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petcoke from Novorossiysk

DYM Resources loads petcoke from Novorossiysk

Niche oil products trading firm DYM Resources GmbH has loaded dry bulk tanker with petroleum coke from Novorossiysk in February 2017.

“We are happy to further diversify our load port portfolio with Novorossiysk deep see port”, – senior petroleum coke trader at DYM Resources Yuri Burenko commented. “Now we have more flexibility to reach our clients not only in Black Sea region but ship 20’000-40’000 tons cargoes to Mediterranean or Middle East markets”, – he added.

DYM Resources has loaded Russian petroleum coke with sulphur content below 4% to Turkey.

The company exporting petroleum coke with sulphur content from 0,6% to 5% to Black Sea and China. DYM supplies cement and aluminium industries with raw materials in rail tank cars as well as by tanker vessels.

For cooperation in petroleum coke or other niche oil products please send us request to or contact us via website

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Amur refinery plans to produce electrode quality petcoke

Amur refinery plans to produce electrode quality petcoke

Amur refinery, which is being built by Chinese (90%) and Russian (10%) investors in Russia’s Amur region at the Far East, will be able to produce 1,5% sulphur as per current crude oil flows in the region, DYM Resources estimates.

Refinery with capacity of 6 mln tons of crude oil per year currently is facing issues to secure crude oil supplies as Russian oil majors and oil transport monopoly Transneft does not support the project: crude oil export is more profitable for them. Owners of the refinery secured only about 3 mln tons/yr of crude oils production from new oilfields and small producers.

First stage of Amur refinery was scheduled to start production in 2018 but then was postponed to 2019. Owners plans to invest in the project more than $2 billion within next seven years. The refinery may start low sulphur petroleum coke production in 2021-2023. This quality petcoke is in high demand in domestic market from aluminium industry.

DYM Resources is trading firm active in petroleum coke supplies out of Russia and ex-USSR countries. The company is working with low-sulphur and high sulphur petcokes.

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Russian Petroleum Coke Imports and Exports, 2014

Russian petroleum coke (petcoke) import and export data for the year 2014 showed surprising results.

In the graph below, you will see that Russia had significant petcoke imports for this year, while exports were very low. This indicates an interesting situation, considering the fact that Russia is one of the biggest oil exporting countries in the world.

Russian petcoke import and exports, 2014

  • 271311, Green petcoke
  • 271312, Calcined petcoke

For more detailed information about the petcoke market and the most recent trends, please contact us.

Source: DYM Resources

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