China’s petcoke imports from Russia rise 4 times in 1Q 2018

Russia’s petroleum coke supplies into China rose 300% to 120 900 tons in January – March 2018 compared with same period last year according to Chinese customs data and DYM Resources’ analysis.

“Russia became biggest petcoke supplier from CIS counties in 1st quarter toping Kazakhstan who on the contrary halved loading to China. Petroleum coke production increase in Russia combined with high demand were main reason for such an increase” – Yury Burenco from DYM Resources comments.

At least five Russian refineries were exporting green petroleum coke to China in January – Mach 2018.

We are glad to admit that our efforts to promote Russian petroleum coke to Chinese buyers are showing positive results. DYM Resources has exported petcoke from 4 refineries in 1Q 2018’ – Mr. Burenko added.

Overall green petcoke import to China nearly doubled in Q1 2018 and reached 2,297 mln tons.  comparing to same period 2017.

Turkmenistan’s Turkmenbashy refinery loaded 5100 tons of low Sulphur petroleum coke to China in first quarter this year while last year the refinery was loading only to Russia and Tajikistan.

DYM Resources is a professional petroleum coke trading firm organizing sourcing, logistics and finance of petcoke supplies from Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Europe.

Green petcoke imports to China 1Q 2018 comparing to 1Q 2017, ‘000 tons

  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Turkmenistan
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Moscow Conference NEFTEKOKS

DYM Resources speaks at NEFTEKOKS 2018 in Moscow

DYM Resources will attend forum NEFTEKOKS 2018 that will take place in Moscow during 27-28 of February, 2018. The Forum, organized by CITEK, is the key event at petcoke market in Russia and CIS countries. It attracts more than 150 delegates from various industries and countries.

“Petcoke production as well as its consumption in Russia and CIS Region is growing which gives this region very positive dynamics and attracts lots of interest” – Yury Burenko, DYM Resources director of petroleum coke operations.

Mr Burenko will will deliver a presentation about latest petcoke market developments in CIS countries.

Main discussion topics of the Forum are:

  • Petcoke production and consumption forecast
  • Petcoke quality evolution
  • Petcoke for electrodes production (needle and special petcokes)
  • New applications for high-sulfur petcoke in Russia and CIS countries
  • Petcoke accounting at the refineries
  • Petcoke transportation and movement within the refinery

The event is sponsored by Gazprom-Neft and Group New Stream.

DYM Resources is a professional supplier of petroleum cokes produced in former USSR countries. The company has direct contracts with major suppliers and delivers anode grade as well fuel grade petcokes to its clients located all round the world.

To schedule a meeting with Yury Burenko – please contact us by email or via contact section of our web site.

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Turkey imports Russian petcoke

Turkey increases imports of Russian petcoke 10 times

Total imports of Russian green (non-calcined) petroleum coke to Turkey increased to 28 483 tons in July compared to only 2 796,50 tons in January this year according to customs data compiled by DYM Resources.

Russian petcoke import to Turkey reached 77 935,93 Mt during first 7 months of 2017, while at same period last year there was no imports from Russia.

Prices for Russian petcoke impors to Turkey were rising from January to March, total gain was more than 9,00 USD per ton. In June prices went up another 2,00 USD per ton, while in July prices dropped back to May levels. Price ease happened on the back to supplies increase from Russia from 19 500 tons in June to almost 28 500 in July.

Import of petcoke from Russia is about 3,3% of total green petcoke Turkish imports at the same period. North and Latin American are still dominant supplies of petroleum coke to Turkey. Most of this product is medium sulphur petroleum coke.

Turkey is one of the biggest petcoke importers in Black Sea and Mediterranean region. Main consumers of green petcoke in Turkey are cement producers that use petcoke as fuel for their lime kilns.

Turkey imports of Russian green petcoke (HS 271311) in 2017

  • Metric ton

DYM Resources supplies fuel grade medium and high sulphur green petcoke.

Please check specifications of the petcoke we supply and contact us with any of your inquiry.

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petcoke shipments containers

DYM started petcoke shipments in containers

DYM Resources has loaded first containerized shipment of petroleum coke from Russia. The product was packed into 1Mt big bags and shipped to the client in Ireland. This is first shipment of packed petcoke from Russia as well as first containerized shipment.

DYM Resources is proud to announce that now can ship all kinds of petcoke (anode / fuel, green / calcined) to small and medium clients around the Globe from land-locked ex-USSR refineries. Following packing options are possible for container shipments:

  • Big bags in 20’dc/40’dc
  • Bulk in 20’dc with liner bag inside.

“Such shipments will be effective for consumers in Mediterranean region, Africa, Middle East, India, China and South East Asia. Shipments from 500 Mt and reaches up to 3.000-4.000 will be cost-competitive in container ” – Yury Burenko, director of petroleum coke division at DYM Resources says.

Containerized shipments allow to deliver cargoes right to the client facility and in time which could be a good tool to reduce stock and control quality product during delivery. This could be especially popular mean of transport for calcined petroleum coke and expensive low suplphur petroleum coke – these two products are more sensitive to contamination risk compared to fuel petcoke grades.

DYM Resources specializes on petroleum coke trading, working with low, medium and high Sulphur petroleum coke. The company can deliver product by rail, dry bulk vessels, trucks and in containers.

For petcoke enquiries please contact us: or

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petcoke from Novorossiysk

DYM Resources loads petcoke from Novorossiysk

Niche oil products trading firm DYM Resources GmbH has loaded dry bulk tanker with petroleum coke from Novorossiysk in February 2017.

“We are happy to further diversify our load port portfolio with Novorossiysk deep see port”, – senior petroleum coke trader at DYM Resources Yuri Burenko commented. “Now we have more flexibility to reach our clients not only in Black Sea region but ship 20’000-40’000 tons cargoes to Mediterranean or Middle East markets”, – he added.

DYM Resources has loaded Russian petroleum coke with sulphur content below 4% to Turkey.

The company exporting petroleum coke with sulphur content from 0,6% to 5% to Black Sea and China. DYM supplies cement and aluminium industries with raw materials in rail tank cars as well as by tanker vessels.

For cooperation in petroleum coke or other niche oil products please send us request to or contact us via website

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russian petcoke exports

Russian Petcoke Exports to Turkey Can Exceed 1M Tons

Russia has the potential to export more than 1 million tons of green petroleum coke (petcoke) to Turkey, DYM Resources senior trader Yury Burenko said in an interview with World Coal News. The interview on Russian petcoke exports was conducted during the 2016 Mediterranean Coal Markets Conference.

This conference is organized by the Metal Expert Group, and took place September 22 to 23, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey.

“There are 10 delayed coking units operating in the country. Three of them, with 1.5 million ton capacity in total, were put on stream in the summer of 2016,” Burenko said.

Russia will continue building new petcoke units as the country is set to improve refining depth and increase light oil product output. The modernization program could last until 2022.

“The supplies from Russia into the Turkish market might exceed 50,000 to 100,000 tons per month next year if there are factors to contribute to the increase,” Burenko said. “Among them [are] subdued demand in the Russian domestic market, a weak ruble and high coke prices in Turkey.”

Burenko also explained why Russian petcoke exports are growing recently.

“Taxation changes were among the drivers for the upturn in petroleum coke exports. With the so‑called tax maneuver, the export duty on petroleum coke set on a monthly basis has fallen 16‑fold since the start of last year, from $180/t to $11/t.”

“Russia did not export petroleum coke at all two years ago. The duty is $5.9/t in October 2016,” Burenko added.

DYM expects the government will keep supporting Russian petcoke exports by launching reduced tariffs for railway transportation. Shipments of petroleum coke on the same routes are now much more expensive than coal ones, which we find groundless, as coke is a byproduct of a high‑tech process boosting competitiveness for Russia’s refining industry. This is what must be supported.

You can read full interview with DYM Resources below.

DYM Resources is a trading company specializing in both fuel and anode grade petroleum coke sourced from Russia and former USSR counties, as well as Eastern European countries.

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