Russian bitumen loading

DYM Resources starts bitumen export sales

DYM Resources plans to start ordinary bitumen as well as polymer modified bitumen export sales in 2018, the company reported.

«Bitumen production in Russia is growing while quality of the product is improving, and variety of different grades is growing» – comments Denis Varaksin, DYM Resources director.

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CIS Base Oil and Lubricants conference

DYM Resources attends CIS Base Oil and Lubricants conference

DYM Resources GmbH will attend 6th CIS Base Oils & Lubricants conference in Moscow during 23-24 May 2018.

“Russian market is a key for our sourcing of Group I, II, III base oils as well as PAO and we are very excited to see our partners at industry leading event” – DYM Resources base oil and wax direct Denis Varaksin says.

The conference attracts 230+ delegates from 28 countries, all Russian major producers included Rosneft, Lukoil, Gapzromneft and Tatneft are going to be presented. The conference will cover Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan market, re-refining, additives markets and finished lubes market in ex-USSR region.

DYM Resources is a base oils and wax trading company focused on sourcing from Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and selling base oils in Europe, Africa, America, Middle East and Asia in bulk, flexi-containers, rail tank cars and trucks.

To schedule meeting with DYM Resources base oils director do not hesitate to contact us via our web-site email address or our Facebook page.

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PAO production process

Tatneft starts PAO production and sales

Russian oil company Tatneft has started polyalphaolefin (PAO) production, company representative said at Argus Tatarstan Oil products, Logistics and Trading conference. Conference took place in Kazan on 21-23 March.

The company has capacity to produce up to 10 000 tons per year of PAO and can produce the following viscosities: 2, 4, 6 and 12 cSt.

At the moment 2 and 4 cSt grades are available for export in flexi-container or tank-containers. You can find specification of PAO at our website.

Producer plans to allocate May volumes until 20 April. Usually there is strong domestic demand in Russia for PAO as there are no other producers of PAO in the region.

“Volume available for export will be small due to early stages of production, maybe 10 tons of each grade” – sources says.

The global polyalphaolefins market is expected to reach USD 1.58 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

US PAO market by application

US PAO market by application

DYM Resources is able to supply PAO from Russia at competitive price levels with high-quality logistics and financial service. To get a quote for PAO-2 or PAO-4 do not hesitate to contact us via website of

PAO usage

PAO has various advantages over conventional lubricants such as wear & tear protection, excellent thermal stability, and good load carrying capacity which is anticipated to propel PAO industry growth over the forecast period.

PAO is Group IV base oils, fully synthetic with high viscosity index and very low pour point.

On of PAO application is rader coolant. Polyolefin is also used in pharmaceutical and medical industry for filter certification. PAO has very low pour point.

DYM Resources is a trading company, focused on base oils and waxes. The company key expertise is sourcing and delivering products from Russia and neighboring countries.

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Russian base oils export is growing despite sanctions

Russian base oils export is growing despite sanctions – Lube Magazine

Lube Magazine, top industry media in field of lubricants, oils and waxes, published in LUBE MAGAZINE NO.144 APRIL 2018 latest article “Russian base oils export is growing despite sanctions” written by Denis Varaksin, Director Base Oils and Slack Waxes, DYM Resources GmbH.

DYM Resources specializes on niche oil products sourcing from former USSR countries. You can check our full product portfolio at Products page and keep in touch by sending a message via Contact page.

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Tatarstan Refining

DYM Resources speaks Argus Tatarstan Refining in March 2018

DYM Resources GmbH is confirmed as a speaker at Argus Tatarstan Refining, Trading and Logistics in Kazan during 21-23 March 2018.

Paper entitled “Base oils market overview. Changes in domestic consumption and export supplies. Analysis of global and Russian base oils trends” will be presented by DYM Resources’ base oils and slack wax director Denis Varaksin.

The event is sponsored by Taneco and Tatneft. Taneco has launched 80kt/year Group II and 100kt/year Group III unit in Nizhnekamsk in 2015. The refinery has exported around 80’000 tons of base oils in 2017 with majority of it going via Baltic ports to Europe.

Taneco refinery produces HVI-2 group II base oils with viscosity at 100 C at 2.5 cSt and VHVH-4 with viscosity around 4 cSt at 100C.

“Tatartsan is rapidly developing Russian oil product petrochemical hub, while Nizhnekamsk, where Taneco refinery is located, is capital of Russian Group III production. Will be interesting to learn how Taneco will adjust to growing completion from Gazpromneft and Rosneft” – Mr. Varaksin comments.

Russian base oils export increased by 35% during last two years after declining 40% in 2010-2015. Russia remains one of the world’s biggest Group I base oils producers despite closing down three base oils unit with combined capacity of 725’000 tons/year during last 8 years. Russian base oils market is dominated by Lukoil, Rosneft, Gazpromneft and Tatneft.

DYM Resources is trading firm focused on base oils from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Europe. The company is dealing with Group I, Group II and Group III base oils. Our experienced logistics team delivers the product globally in bulk, flexi-containers, iso-containers, rail tank cars and trucks.

To have a meeting with DYM Resources base oils director please contact us though our web-page , email or visit our Facebook page.

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Afipsky refinery

Russia’s Afipsky refinery plan to build coker by 2020

Afipsky refinery located in Krasnodar region with crude oil refinery capacity 6 mln t/yr plans to build coking unit by 2020, as per media reports.

The refinery is located just 130km north from Novorossiysk port, where DYM Resources reloading petroleum coke for Turkish market. Exact coker capacity and technology are not yet disclosed.

Afipsky Refinery is expected to produce petcoke with sulphur content below 3% due to its crude oils sources.

“Petroleum coke is in high demand in Black Sea market and most of Afipsky green petcoke will end up in export market” – DYM Resources senior petroleum coke trader Yury Burenco comments.

DYM Resources GmbH is supplying green and calcined petroleum coke globally by bulk, rail and trucks. Company is offering expertise in finance, logistics and quality control services to its clients. For enquiries please contact us: or

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petcoke from Novorossiysk

DYM Resources loads petcoke from Novorossiysk

Niche oil products trading firm DYM Resources GmbH has loaded dry bulk tanker with petroleum coke from Novorossiysk in February 2017.

“We are happy to further diversify our load port portfolio with Novorossiysk deep see port”, – senior petroleum coke trader at DYM Resources Yuri Burenko commented. “Now we have more flexibility to reach our clients not only in Black Sea region but ship 20’000-40’000 tons cargoes to Mediterranean or Middle East markets”, – he added.

DYM Resources has loaded Russian petroleum coke with sulphur content below 4% to Turkey.

The company exporting petroleum coke with sulphur content from 0,6% to 5% to Black Sea and China. DYM supplies cement and aluminium industries with raw materials in rail tank cars as well as by tanker vessels.

For cooperation in petroleum coke or other niche oil products please send us request to or contact us via website

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