China’s petcoke imports from Russia rise 4 times in 1Q 2018

Russia’s petroleum coke supplies into China rose 300% to 120 900 tons in January – March 2018 compared with same period last year according to Chinese customs data and DYM Resources’ analysis.

“Russia became biggest petcoke supplier from CIS counties in 1st quarter toping Kazakhstan who on the contrary halved loading to China. Petroleum coke production increase in Russia combined with high demand were main reason for such an increase” – Yury Burenco from DYM Resources comments.

At least five Russian refineries were exporting green petroleum coke to China in January – Mach 2018.

We are glad to admit that our efforts to promote Russian petroleum coke to Chinese buyers are showing positive results. DYM Resources has exported petcoke from 4 refineries in 1Q 2018’ – Mr. Burenko added.

Overall green petcoke import to China nearly doubled in Q1 2018 and reached 2,297 mln tons.  comparing to same period 2017.

Turkmenistan’s Turkmenbashy refinery loaded 5100 tons of low Sulphur petroleum coke to China in first quarter this year while last year the refinery was loading only to Russia and Tajikistan.

DYM Resources is a professional petroleum coke trading firm organizing sourcing, logistics and finance of petcoke supplies from Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Europe.

Green petcoke imports to China 1Q 2018 comparing to 1Q 2017, ‘000 tons

  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Turkmenistan
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Baiinfo Carbon Forum 2017

China market changes: DYM Resources attends BAIINFO Carbon Forum

DYM Resources attended 10th China Carbon Industry Chain Forum and Global Industry Supply and Demand Meeting that took place on 16-17th August 2017 in Nanjing, China.

More than 500 delegates from related industries participated at the event: aluminum smelters, steel works, graphite electrode producers, petroleaum coke calciners and  trading companies.

The event was up-to-date, especially due to significant rising demand and prices for green and calcined еxtra low sulphur petcoke at the Chinese market.

Key driver for Low Sulphur Petcoke price increase is “2+26” Cities Environmental Protection program. This policy considers strict ecological norms and air-polluting production cuttings in Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding 26 cities.

DYM Resources pays big attention to Asian market, especially China. The Company supplies Chinese clients green and calcined petcoke extra low, low and mideum sulphur content originated ex Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan.

Please visit our petcoke product page to check specifications of the petcoke we offer and our contact page to stay in touch with us for any arising questions or comments.

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Oil expolration near Atyrau, Kazakhstan

China tripled calcined petcoke import from Kazakhstan

China increased import of calcined petroleum coke (CPC) from Kazakhstan to 7.700 tons in May compared with 1.960 tons In April and absence of such supplies earlier this year, Chinese Customs Authority statistics says.

Kazakhstan’s green petcoke imports remain stable in Mach – May at level slightly below 27.000 tons.

Kazakh petcoke imports to China, Mt

  • Green petcoke
  • Calcined petcoke

Kazakhstan has three refineries but only one in Atyrau has integrated calcined unit. Atyrau calcined petroleum coke is being supplied to Russia.

Pavlodar refinery does not have calcined unit but has new calciner build in the same city.

Refinery location GPC production capacity, tons GPC production capacity, tons
Atyrau 140.000 60.000
Pavlodar 180.000 300.000

Kazakhstan does not import green petcoke, but the country is buying calcined petroleum coke from Russia for its aluminum production, located near Pavlodar.

Russia and China are main consumers of Kazakhstan’s petcoke. Last year 51.523 tons of green petcoke from Kazakhstan was supplied to Russia, while 93,992 tons was supplied to China. Till 2017 calcined petcoke had been supplied only to Russia – 2.403 tons in 2016.

Kazakhstan is an important supplier of anode grade petcoke for aluminum smelters, located in Xinjaing region, China.

DYM Resources is a trading company specialized on niche oil products trading, while green and calcined petroleum coke are one of the core markets for the company. DYM Resources can supply green or calcined petcoke in rail wagon, dry bulk or containers. For enquiries please contact us via our web-site  or email

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low-sulphur petcoke imports china

Low-sulphur Petcoke Imports Remain Strong in China

China remains one of the biggest petroleum coke (petcoke) importers in the world, recent DYM Resources data indicates. The country’s green low-sulphur petcoke imports (S 3 percent max) hit 1,329 million tons in 2015.

China’s low-sulphur petcoke imports came from 11 different countries. The U.S., Indonesia and Argentina accounted for 96 percent of import volume.

China low sulphur petcoke imports in 2015 by country of origin, thousand Mt

  • United States
  • Indonesia
  • Argentina
  • Others

Key seaports for low-sulphur petcoke delivery were Nanjing, Qingdao and Ningbo. Sea shipments represent almost all imports, while rail deliveries came in at around 1 percent. The main railroad border crossing used for petcoke supplies from Russia and Kazakhstan is Dostyk (on the Kazakhastan-China border).

China low sulphur petcoke imports by month

  • Amount, thousand Mt

DYM Resources is an independent trading company specializing in niche oil products. DYM is a reliable supplier of green and calcined petcoke from Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Romania and other countries.

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