DYM Resources is participating in Progetto Fuoco 2020 in Verona

DYM Resources is attending the most important international exhibition for the wood-fired heating industry Progetto Fuoco.

With more than 650 exhibitors and over 75,000 visitors from all over the world, this fair is a key event for establishing partnerships and learning about the industry trends.

“Italy is the biggest importer of premium-quality pellets in the world with about 3 million tons per year. Italy is also one of the top-3 buyers of Russian pellets as of 2018. DYM Resources believes that with CO2 reduction targets the consumption of pellets will continue to grow in 2020-2030 and supplies from Russia to Italy will increase” – Denis Varaksin, managing director of DYM Resources comments.

Russia is currently producing about 2 million tons of pellets per year with a current production capacity about 3,9 million tons. Russia has a potential to increase production and export 3-4 times within the next few years. Pellets production in Russia has increased more than 55% from 2016 to 2018.

DYM Resources can supply pellets of A1, A2 and other quality from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. They company is able to supply EN+ and SBP certified pellets for industrial consumption or for heat generation.

Pellets from Russia can be exported in containers or in bulk vessels from the ports of Saint Petersburg, Ust-Luga or Baltic ports such as Riga. Pellets can be packed in 16, 25 or 50kg bags as well as 1000 kg bags. About 95% of Russian pellets productions is being exported, with 95% heading towards Europe and only 5% to Asia. There are more then 250 pellets producers in Russia today, vast majority of them is located in the northwestern part, closer to European consumers.

International Pellet Market, one of the four specialized areas of the fair Progetto Fuoco 2020, is especially relevant for DYM Resources due to the recent focus of the company on pellets. DYM Resources is able to organize sourcing, quality control, delivery and financing of pellets supplies.

If you would like to meet DYM Resources representative at the fair, please schedule a meeting per email

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Moscow Conference NEFTEKOKS

DYM Resources speaks at NEFTEKOKS 2018 in Moscow

DYM Resources will attend forum NEFTEKOKS 2018 that will take place in Moscow during 27-28 of February, 2018. The Forum, organized by CITEK, is the key event at petcoke market in Russia and CIS countries. It attracts more than 150 delegates from various industries and countries.

“Petcoke production as well as its consumption in Russia and CIS Region is growing which gives this region very positive dynamics and attracts lots of interest” – Yury Burenko, DYM Resources director of petroleum coke operations.

Mr Burenko will will deliver a presentation about latest petcoke market developments in CIS countries.

Main discussion topics of the Forum are:

  • Petcoke production and consumption forecast
  • Petcoke quality evolution
  • Petcoke for electrodes production (needle and special petcokes)
  • New applications for high-sulfur petcoke in Russia and CIS countries
  • Petcoke accounting at the refineries
  • Petcoke transportation and movement within the refinery

The event is sponsored by Gazprom-Neft and Group New Stream.

DYM Resources is a professional supplier of petroleum cokes produced in former USSR countries. The company has direct contracts with major suppliers and delivers anode grade as well fuel grade petcokes to its clients located all round the world.

To schedule a meeting with Yury Burenko – please contact us by email or via contact section of our web site.

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1st AMEA Base oil, Lubricants and Wax conference

DYM Resources speaks at 1st AMEA Base oil, Lubricants and Wax conference

Base oils trading firm DYM Resource will deliver presentation during 1st AMEA Base oil, Lubricants and Wax conference in Mumbai, India during 13-14 July 2017.

Presentation title is: “The Outlook for Base Oil and Slack Wax Markets in Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan”.

“India and Middle East are growing and rapidly changing markets. Those market are perfect for Group and Group III base oils supplies from Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan” – Denis Varaksin, base oil and wax director at DYM Resources. “We believe supplies from this ex-USSR countries to India should grow in 2H 2017 due to new capacities launch and domestic demand cycle change”, – Varaksin added.

The conference in Mumbai will attract about hundred base oils and wax specialist from various countries including India, South Korea, UAE, Germany and many others.

DYM Resources a global base oils trading company, with head office in Berlin, Germany. The company supplies Group I, II and III base oils in flexies, trucks and iso-containers. DYM Resources has deep expertise in Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Europe.

To schedule meeting with DYM Resources base oils and slack wax expert in Mumbai during 13-14 July 2017, please contact us by email , our LinkedIn and Facebook pages or visit website

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The 21st ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference

DYM Resources Speaks at ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in London

DYM Resources will deliver a presentation at the 21st ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in London, U.K. The event will take place at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, February 15-17, 2017.

DYM Resources’ base oil and slack wax director Denis Varaksin’s paper is titled, “Spotlight on CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Countries: Belarus, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine—and Russia.”

“The London base oils conference attracts more than 600 specialists from base oil, slack wax and paraffin industries from all over the world, and we are pleased to share our expertise on Russia and neighboring countries: dynamic and high-potential markets,” Varaksin said.

The DYM Resources team plans to attend two seminars: “ICIS Iran Base Oils and Lubricants Forum” and “Central, Eastern European, Russian and CIS markets.” Growing markets such as Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Russia will be discovered.

“In these developing markets, to widely used grades of SN 150, SN 500 and Bright Stock, we are adding niche products such as 2, 3 and 4 cSt Group III base oils and rare Group I grades: SN 180, SN 350, SN 400, SN 600, SN 900, and SN 1200 base oils from various refineries,” Varaksin says.

DYM Resources Expertise

As a global player, DYM Resources can supply base oils from different parts of the world at competitive prices in trucks, iso-containers, flexi-bags or in tanker vessels. The company offers a “smart cost” concept: we minimize the costs of purchasing and delivering of base oils and other raw materials through logistics optimization and arbitrage opportunities. DYM Resources provides financial services as well as risk management solutions.

DYM Resources is headquartered in Germany. The company’s key markets are Russia, former Soviet Union states, specifically Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. The company is developing its presence in the U.S., Southeast Asia and Africa. DYM Resources trades base oils, slack waxes, paraffin and petroleum coke.

To schedule a meeting with the DYM Resources team in Dubai during the ICIS Base Oils and Lubricants conference, please contact us through email at, via our LinkedIn and Facebook pages, or our website contact page. We guarantee all requests will be answered.

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ICIS base oils conference

DYM Resources Attends ICIS Base Oils Conference in Dubai

DYM Resources will attend the 13th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The ICIS Base Oils conference will take place at the Dubai Intercontinental Hotel, October 11 to 13.

“The Middle East is a growing market and we are happy to be a part of this growth,” commented Denis Varaksin, DYM Resources base oil and slack wax director. “This base oils conference is a key event for us to improve our market knowledge and offer our clients better product and service solutions.”

On October 10, the DYM Resources team will attend a seminar focused on the Iranian base oils and lubricants market.

The ICIS Base Oils Conference attracts more than 300 base oil and lubricant professionals from the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Middle Eastern countries, as well as India and African countries.

DYM Resources currently supplies Group I, Group II and Group III base oils from Russia and the former Soviet Union, from Europe to the Middle East, mostly in flexi-containers.

“We are not limiting ourselves to standard SN 150 and SN 500 grades or Bright Stock. We offer niche solutions to our clients: SN 180, SN 350, SN 400, SN 600, SN 900 and SN 1200 grades from different refineries,” Varaksin said.

DYM Resources distributes base oils in trucks, iso-containers, IBCs, flexi-containers or bulk shipments in tanker vessels.

The company presents a “smart cost” concept for lubricant blenders: we minimize the costs of purchasing and delivery of base oils and other raw materials.

DYM Resources is a German-based trading company, focusing on niche oil product supplies: base oils, slack wax products and petroleum coke. DYM’s key sourcing region is the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

To schedule a meeting with the DYM Resources team in Dubai during the conference dates, please contact us via email at, our through our LinkedIn or Facebook pages.

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petcoke market analysis

DYM To Deliver Petcoke Market Analysis At Turkish and MENA Cement Fuels 2016

Yury Burenko, petcoke trader at DYM Resources, will introduce key petcoke market analysis at the Turkish and MENA Cement Fuels 2016 conference on September 23rd. The conference will take place at Ceylan International in Istanbul, Turkey.

Burenko will deliver a presentation titled, “Petcoke Market in CIS Countries: New Production Facilities and Geography of Export Supplies.”

“We will unleash unique information about Russian and other former Soviet Union countries’ petcoke supplies, capacities, and opportunities,” Burenko said. “The market in this part of the world is changing, exports are growing. and we are excited to share insights with petcoke buyers and suppliers.”

The day beforehand, DYM Resources will attend the Mediterranean Coal Markets 2016 at the same location.

Both conferences attract professionals from the Middle East and Mediterranean who are involved in solid fuel (coal, petroleum coke) production, trading, and consumption—mainly in cement production.

DYM Resources is a German-based company, operating worldwide and a well-known player in the petroleum coke market. DYM Resources supplies petcoke sourced from former Soviet Union countries and Eastern Europe.

To schedule a meeting with the DYM Resources team in Istanbul during September 22-23, feel free to reach out on our contact page or via our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

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CIS Base Oils

DYM Resources to Speak at CIS Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in Moscow

DYM Resources’ base oil and slack wax project manager Denis Varaksin will speak at the fourth annual CIS Base Oils and Lubricants Conference, held May 24 to 26, 2016 in Moscow, Russia. The conference is organized by the Global Business Club.

Varaksin will discuss the current situation with base oil exports from Russia, and competition with Iranian base oil exports in a post-sanction world.

The conference has attracted base oil producers and blenders of finished lubes from former Soviet Union countries as well as other parts of the world. Regular attendees at the event include representatives from Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazprom Neft, Bashneft, Tatneft and Naftan.

DYM Resources is based in Germany and has a presence in Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and Central Asia. DYM is an independent base oil and slack wax supplier and trader, focused on products from Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Iran.

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