Meet DYM Resources at the 13th ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants Conference

DYM Resources participates in the 13th ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants Conference. The Conference takes place from June 25th to 27th in Singapore.

“Asian market is the fastest growing one in the world. Quality changes happening there are amazing,” — says the managing director from DYM Resources Denis Varaksin. “DYM Resources is a global base oils and additives supplier. Therefore, we will use the conference to see suppliers and clients, and to get more knowledge about base oils market in Asia.”

Conference speakers will discuss, how politics and increased geopolitical tensions affect the Asian economy. They will try to make a forecast, what the economic outlook for the Asian region will be after 2020. Several reports will be made on the base oils of Group I and Group II, as well as on the introduction of Euro VI equivalents in Asia, and on upcoming innovations in engine performance affecting the lubricants business.

Among the speakers will be company representative from Shell, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants, Infineum Singapore ( fuel and lubricant additives), The Lubrizol (additives for transportation and industrial lubricants), Pertamina Lubricants (manufactures lubricants), Chemlube International (lubricating oils and greases), Lukoil Marine Lubricants.  In 2018 the Conference was attended by over than 300 delegates.

DYM Resources is an international oil trading company specialized in base oils, additives, lubricants, and slack wax supply. The company is supplying base oils from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Europe in flexi-tanks, trucks, and bulk.

To meet our managing director Denis Varaksin at the 13th ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants Conference you are welcome to contact us per email:

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DYM Resources Will Attend the 7th ICIS African Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

The managing director of DYM Resources will attend the 7th ICIS African Base Oils & Lubricants Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

The conference begins on the 31st of October and will open with the welcoming speech of Cliff Classen, CEO of Orbichem Petrochemicals. The discussions will focus on the future development of the African Market, addressing topics such as innovative ecological solutions, macroeconomic and political impacts, ensuring quality control, and the need for local industrial lubricants.

The event is expected to host about 90 attendees from 60 companies from 20 countries.

“It is a great oportunity to meet with our colleagues in Cape Town and to exchange updates on the current situation.  The African market is a long-term partner for DYM Resources,” revealed Denis Varaksin.

DYM Resources is an international oil trading company, focused on base oil supplies.

To meet our managing director Denis Varaksin at the 7th ICIS African Base Oils & Lubricants Conference, don’t hesitate to contact us via email:

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Gazpromneft Starts Export Sales of Yaroslavl Group III Base Oils

Russian state-owned Gazpromneft has offered HVI-2 and VHVI-4 base oils from Yaroslavl Refinery for export, according to data received by DYM Resources.

Yaroslavl Refinery launched 100,000 tons/year Group III base oils last summer 2017, but could not stabilize production quality by June.

“The product quality now looks good: The color is 0, saturates content is 99%, sulphur content is less than 10ppm,” commented Denis Varaksin, base oils and wax director of DYM Resources.

Gazpromneft does not guarantee minimum viscosity index in its specifications, although typical VI stands at 120, which is the minimum required to classify for Group III according to American Petroleum Institute (API) definition.

The feedstock quality has changed during the project implementation and the unit needed different catalysts to maintain a high quality of production, market participants say. The refinery planned to improve Group III products quality by the end of 2018.

Yaroslavl Refinery is located 300 km northeast of Moscow and exports about 40,000 tons of Group I base oils per year, most of them headed to the Baltic ports of Riga and Liepaja.
Ownership of the refinery is split between the Russian oil and gas giants Gazpromneft and Rosneft. Both companies have equal shares in the refinery’s output.

For June, loading consists of around 800 tons of HVI-2 (API Group II base oils with viscosity at 100C at 2 cst) and about 600 tons of HVHI-4 (API Group III, viscosity 4 cst).

Yaroslavl Refinery is located close to Russia’s western border and already exports its Group III products from Rosneft’s share via Baltic ports. Rosneft sells export volume through monthly tenders, while Gazprom allocates base oils through distributors.

Gazpromneft’s base oils are REACH registered.

DYM Resources GmbH is a base oils trading company that specializes in sourcing from Russia. The company can offer base oils from Yaroslavl refinery in flexi containers, liquid trucks, or other form of packing. To receive a quote, please email us at

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Fergana Refinery Plans Group II and III Base Oils Production

Fergana Refinery, the only base oils producer in Uzbekistan, plans to begin Group II and Group III production in 2021-2022, a refinery representative stated at the CIS Base Oils and Lubricants conference in Moscow, Russia, held from May 23rd to 24th, 2018.

The refinery can currently use ExxonMobil technology to produce Group II and III base oils, converting raffinates and using hydro-deparaffinization and hydro-finishing.

“Group II and III base oils are in high demand in Central Asia, as economies in the region are growing and switching to modern machines and cars, which requires higher quality lubricants. The Fergana project looks promising, especially if the refinery manages to keep the production costs low.” – Denis Varaksin, the DYM Resources director of base oils and waxes

The Fergana Refinery representative estimated their export of base oils and lubes in bulk at around 100,000 tons per year. The refinery currently has the capacity to produce more than 450,000 tons of Group I base oils, but lacks the necessary feedstock. Sources at the refinery say that additional crude oil supplies delivered from Kazakhstan have recently improved the refinery’s running rates.

Fergana Refinery exports SN 100, SN 150, SN 350, and SN 500 base oils and their industrial equivalents. The main destination markets are Central Asia, the Middle East, and Turkey.

Uzbekistan’s lubes market is estimated at 216,000 tons per year, according to Uznefteproduct. The country imports around 20,000 tons of lubes annually.

DYM Resources can offer base oils as well as industrial lubes from Fergana Refinery in rail tank cars or flexi-containers at competitive prices, with high quality logistics and flexible payment terms. To receive a quote, please send your request with the desired base oil grade, volume, and destination via our website,


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rosneft lubricants

Rosneft starts group III exports sales

Russian oils and gas champion Rosneft offered Group III base oils from Yaroslavl refinery for export in loading in June, according to its tender documentation. Deadline for biding on the tender was 22 May.

Yaroslavl refinery is owned by Slavneft, 50/50 joint venture of state-controlled Rosneft and Gazpromneft.

Rosneft offered up 2800 tons of four grades combined MVI-2, which should be similar to Group II 2 cst base oil as well VHVI-4, VHVI-6 and VHVI-8 grades which are equivalents of Group III base oils with viscosities 4, 6 and 8 cst at 100C (please see the table).

Product is being offered on Russian border basis as well as on fca Yaroslavl with minimum order quality limited at 65 tons.

Product Viscosity at 100C Volume offered, tons Max
MVI-2 2 420
VHVI-4 4 1830
VHVI-6 6 270
VHVI-8 8 280


Export oriented unit

Yaroslavl refinery is located in European part of Russia, about 260km north of Moscow.

Market participants are expecting Gazpromneft to start export loadings of Group III base oils form Yaroslavl in June. The company earlier estimated that 2 cst and 8 cst will be consumed domestically, while 4 and 6 cst will be available for overseas markets.

Yaroslavl refinery currently operates 250,000 t/yr Group I base oils unit, about 40,000t/yr of base oils goes for export. The refinery located close to Russian western border and is well-placed for export via Baltics ports.

Export loading from the refinery could reach 5000-6000 tons per month in 2017, according to DYM Resources estimates.

More Group III supplies

Russia currently exports Group III 4 cst base oils from Taneco (Nizhnekamsk) refinery located in Tatarstan. Most of the product is going to Baltic for further shipments to Europe by trucks and overseas loadings. Group III is also produced by Lukoil’s Volgograd refinery and Belorussia’s Naftan’.

DYM Resources is suppling Group I, II and III base oils from Russia, Europe, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The company specializes on trucks and flexi-containers loadings around the globe.

For base oils enquiries please contact us via our FB or LinkedIn pages or We guarantee reply within 24 hours.

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Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

DYM Resources attends ICIS Singapore base oils conference

DYM Resource attends 11th ICIS Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference in Singapore. The event is taking place at Fairmont hotel during 17-18 May 2017.

The conference attracts more than 260 specialists in base oils, lubricants, additives and logistics from 30+ countries from South East Asia and other regions.

“South East Asia is one of the fastest growing markets and we are happy to offer here our expertise in sourcing and delivering base oils from Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Middle East and Europe” – DYM Resources base oils and slack wax director Denis Varaksin comments.

DYM Resources is a German-based trading company, focusing on base oils supplies in flexi container and ISO-tank containers. The company has strong presence in Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Europe.

To schedule meeting with DYM Resources base oils expert in Singapore during 17-19 May 2017, please contact us through email , our LinkedIn or Facebook pages.

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caspian basin and central asia oil markets

DYM Resources Interviewed for Insights on Caspian Basin and Central Asia Oil Markets

DYM Resources’ Denis Varaksin was featured recently on CBC TV for his insights into the Caspian Basin and Central Asia oil markets.

Varaksin was interviewed during the SOCAR conference “Caspian Basin and Central Asia: Trade, Logistics, Oil Processing and Oil and Chemistry” in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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