Meet DYM Resources at the 16th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants Conference

DYM Resources is participating in the 16th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants Conference. Global industry influencers and regional drivers for the Middle Eastern market will gather together from October 15th to 16th in Dubai.

Conference speakers will provide an overview of the Middle Eastern macroeconomy, including the Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants market: trends, economical сhallenges, environmental issues, future transformation strategies, impact of international regulation, etc.

Among the reports there are the following topics:

— How developments within the Gulf’s oil market are currently influencing its economy.

— Supply and demand dynamics of base oils Group I, II, III in the Middle Eastern region.

— How will sanctions affect base oils and lubricants demand and supply?

— Challenges in vehicle engine oils in MENA ahead of IMO 2020, globalization of standards.

— As the global fuel industry develops and innovates, how is the Middle East keeping up?

— The Gulf as a major marine hub: how is the Gulf preparing for IMO 2020? Is this regulation affecting the value chain, including ports?

— How does the marine fuel sector look like in the Middle East after 2020?

Delegates of the 16th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants Conference will include representatives from Novvi (develops, produces and distributes plant-based synthetic oils and lubricants), Lubrizol Dubai (coatings, engineered polymers, engine oil additives, industrial lubricants, etc),  Ineos Oligomers (manufactures chemicals for the use in polyethylene, lubricants, fuel additives, surfactants, and special materials),  Alhamrani FUCHS Petroleum (produces lubricants for various mechanical industries), Afton Chemical (develops and manufactures petroleum additives), and others.

DYM Resources is an international oil trading company specializing in base oils, additives, lubricants, and slack wax supply. The company is supplying base oils from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Europe by flexi-tanks, trucks, and bulk.

To meet our managing director Denis Varaksin on the 16th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants you are welcome to contact us per email:

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Meet DYM Resources at the 13th ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants Conference

DYM Resources participates in the 13th ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants Conference. The Conference takes place from June 25th to 27th in Singapore.

“Asian market is the fastest growing one in the world. Quality changes happening there are amazing,” — says the managing director from DYM Resources Denis Varaksin. “DYM Resources is a global base oils and additives supplier. Therefore, we will use the conference to see suppliers and clients, and to get more knowledge about base oils market in Asia.”

Conference speakers will discuss, how politics and increased geopolitical tensions affect the Asian economy. They will try to make a forecast, what the economic outlook for the Asian region will be after 2020. Several reports will be made on the base oils of Group I and Group II, as well as on the introduction of Euro VI equivalents in Asia, and on upcoming innovations in engine performance affecting the lubricants business.

Among the speakers will be company representative from Shell, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants, Infineum Singapore ( fuel and lubricant additives), The Lubrizol (additives for transportation and industrial lubricants), Pertamina Lubricants (manufactures lubricants), Chemlube International (lubricating oils and greases), Lukoil Marine Lubricants.  In 2018 the Conference was attended by over than 300 delegates.

DYM Resources is an international oil trading company specialized in base oils, additives, lubricants, and slack wax supply. The company is supplying base oils from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Europe in flexi-tanks, trucks, and bulk.

To meet our managing director Denis Varaksin at the 13th ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants Conference you are welcome to contact us per email:

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Russian base oil availability improves in December

Russian base oil availability improves in December

Russian Group I base oils export volumes expected to grow in December while prices become more attractive, DYM Resources market survey shows.

After base oils supply shortage caused by maintenances and high domestic demand from April to October this year supply situation improves among all Russian producers. Lukoil should finish in November maintenance at its Volgograd refinery which has capacity to product 550’000 tons of base oils per year. The refinery export mostly SN 150 and SN 500 base oils.

Rosneft has increased offered volumes during its December tender from Novokuybyshevsk, Angarsk, Ufa and Yaroslavl refinery. Total volume of Rosneft base oil and industrial oil offered for December loading exceeded 44’000 tons which is almost a quarter higher compared with November this year, as per DYM Resources estimates.

Gazpromneft has offered SN 80, SN 150, SN 400, SN 500, SN 650, SN 1200 and BS-150 from Omsk and Yaroslavl refineries for late November loading. Refinery could offer as much as 15’000 tons of base oils due to end-year stock clearance according to some industry sources.

Group I base oils availability improvement has impacted the price: one of leading base oils pricing agencies has decreased it FOB Baltic quotation this week, reflecting lower prices from Russian refineries.

Group III maintenance is over

Tatneft plans to finish maintenance and resume export loading in December from its Group III and Group II 190’000 tons per year base oils unit at Taneco refinery in Nizhnekamsk city, Tatarstan region. The company produces Group III 4 cst base oil and Group II 2,5 cst base oil.

Rosneft is already offering Group III base oils from its 50% share of Yaroslavl refinery 100’000 tons per year Group III unit. The company offered 5400 tons of 2 cst, 4 cst and 8 cst base oils for loading in December. Gazpromneft is not offering from its share yet waiting till the quality stabilized.

All specification for Russian base oils you can find at DYM Resources page:

Supply availability open creates new opportunities for buyers in Europe, Africa, Turkey and Middle east as availability from other export regions remains limited.

DYM Resources is a base oils trading company focused on sourcing from Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Europe.  Denis Varaksin will be presenting latest CIS base oils market developments at The European Base Oils and Lubricants Interactive Summit in Antwerp during 29-30 November 2017.  Mr. Varaksin will be presenting topic “Russia’s role in meeting demand for Group III base oils”.

For supplies of Group I, group II and Group III base oils in trucks, iso-containers, flexi-tanks or rail tank cars please send a request through our website or email address

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CIS Base oils and lubricants

DYM Resources attends CIS base oils and lubricants conference

Base oils trading firm DYM Resource attends CIS Base oils and lubricants conference during 24-25 May in Moscow, Russia. The event focuses on new market and technology developments base oils and lubricants in Russian and other ex-USSR countries.

“We see at least 10% export in base oils exports from Russia this year: new capacities are being launched at the right time – demand in global base oils market is high” – director base oils and slack waxes of DYM Resources Denis Varaksin comments.

The conference in Moscow attracts several hundreds of specialist from base oil producers to blenders and lubricants consumers from Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Europe and other part of the world.

DYM Resources a Russian speaking base oils trading company, with head office in Berlin, Germany. The company focuses on base oils supplies in flexi container and iso-tanks. DYM Resources has strong presence in Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Europe.

To schedule meeting with DYM Resources base oils specialist in Moscow during 24-25 May 2017, please contact us through email , our LinkedIn and Facebook pages or website

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Yaroslavl refinery - base oils

Russia adds Group III base oils for export from June 2017

Yaroslavl refinery, co-owned by Russian state-controlled Rosneft and Gazpromneft, plans to start production of Group III base oils in April, industry sources say. The plant is in European part of Russia, 260km north of Moscow.

The refinery will export 4 and 6 cst base oils grades, while 2 and 8 cst are planned for domestic consumption.

Export oriented unit

Yaroslavl refinery currently operates 250,000 t/yr Group I base oils unit, about 40,000t/yr of base oils goes for export. The refinery located close to Russian western border and is well-placed for export via Baltics ports.

Export loading start is expected not earlier than June 2017 and could reach 3000-5000 tons per month by end of 2017.

More Group III supplies

Russia currently exports Group III 4 cst base oils from Taneco (Nizhnekamsk) refinery located in Tatarstan. Most of the product is going to Baltic for further shipments to Europe by trucks and overseas loadings. Group III is also produced by Lukoil’s Volgograd refinery and Belorussia’s Naftan’.

DYM Resources is exporting suppling Group I, II and III base oils from Russia, Europe, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The company specializes on trucks and flexi-containers loadings.

Photo –
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base oil market share insights

Lubes ‘N’ Greases Publishes Article Based On DYM Resources Base Oil Market Share Insights

Lubes ‘N’ Greases Magazine EMEA, a leading base oil and lubricant publication, has published an article based on DYM Resources insights on Russia’s base oil market share.

DYM Resources delivered a presentation during the CIS Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in Moscow in May 2016. Denis Varaksin, DYM’s base oil and slack wax project manager, compared base oil supplies from Iran and Russia. He summarized the recent base oil market share competition:

“In the last few years, Russia has lost market share in India to both Iran and Group II and III base oil suppliers from Asia and the U.S.,” Denis Varaksin said. “Russian exports to India became irregular, while Iran has dramatically increased shipments there,” Lubes ‘N’ Greases quoted from DYM Resources’ presentation.

In 2014 Russia exported 96,440 tons of base oil products to India, while Iran loaded 88,900 tons. Russia mostly loaded SN 150 and SN 500 base oils.

Russia, Iran imports to India, tons

  • Russia
  • Iran / UAE

In 2015, Russia’s base oil shipments to India dropped to just 14,800 tons while Iran’s spiked to 297,000 tons. Iran has similar base oil grades and quality: SN 150, SN 500 and SN 650.

Moreover, lifting sanctions from Iran released about $100 billion of frozen assets that should further the country’s economy as well as boost exports from Iran to neighboring markets.

Lubes ‘N’ Greases also noted that Turkmenistan’s Turkmenbashi refinery is more actively expanding base oil market share in the Middle East region after a new railroad link to Iran was opened recently.

“The Bereket-to-Gorgan railway line is fully operational, and Turkmenistan’s base oil exports via Iran have become more attractive in recent months,” Varaksin said.

DYM Resources is a reliable and experienced base oil and niche oil products supplier. The company is headquartered in Germany but focuses on sourcing from ex-USSR markets, mostly Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Belarus.

DYM Resources is also active in Europe and the Middle East. Besides base oils, DYM Resources works with slack waxes, paraffin and green and calcined petroleum coke.

For any products or services please contact us through email at or using this contact from.

The full story form Lubes ‘N’ Greases EMEA can be viewed online here.

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