“Bitumen in Europe moves to the East” — DYM Resources reports at the Argus Africa Roads Conference

“Production of Bitumen in Europe moves to the East” — DYM Resources Speaks at the Argus Africa Roads 2019 Conference

DYM Resources will make a report on the bitumen industry in Europe, Russia and CIS at the Argus Africa Roads Conference 2019. The Conference takes place from June 26th to 27th  in Nairobi, Kenia.

“The new IMO 2020 restrictions will reduce demand for high-sulfur fuel oil and lead to changes in the oil market. Some European refineries have already refocused on refining light oil products from fuel oil, while refineries in Russia and CIS tend to produce more bitumen”, DYM Resources managing director Yury Burenko says. “Moreover, the bitumen duty in Russia is expected to fall from 100 USD/Mt to 0 USD/Mt in the next 5 years, as the Russian tax system changes. This will also encourage production of bitumen.”

The report from DYM Resources will also include the following issues:

— How regulatory changes will affect on the bitumen market in Europe, Russia, and CIS in terms of production, quality and price.

— Available capacities in Russia and CIS – can Russia increase bitumen production taking into account IMO 2020 restrictions and falling fuel oil demand?

— What are the logistical problems and bottlenecks for bitumen exports from Russia?

— Intraregional trade flows are geopolitical difficulties and dependencies.

Other industry speakers will address a range of topics including updates on the road and bitumen infrastructure in East Africa:

—  Road developments and investments in East Africa, focusing on Kenya and Tanzania.

— Impact of Iranian sanctions and alternative supply sources for east African road projects.

— Growing appetite for bitumen and bitumen infrastructure in east Africa.

The participants will include delegates from Shell, MENA Energy, Cinergy, TEC Container Solutions and others.

DYM Resources is an international niche oil products trading company working with all bitumen producers in Russia and supplying EN-certified ordinary bitumen and polymer-modified bitumen to European consumers. DYM Resources offers road and roofing bitumen as well as niche bitumen products, including joint tapes, mastics, and sealants. You are welcome to contact our managing directors per email:

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Tatarstan Refining

DYM Resources speaks Argus Tatarstan Refining in March 2018

DYM Resources GmbH is confirmed as a speaker at Argus Tatarstan Refining, Trading and Logistics in Kazan during 21-23 March 2018.

Paper entitled “Base oils market overview. Changes in domestic consumption and export supplies. Analysis of global and Russian base oils trends” will be presented by DYM Resources’ base oils and slack wax director Denis Varaksin.

The event is sponsored by Taneco and Tatneft. Taneco has launched 80kt/year Group II and 100kt/year Group III unit in Nizhnekamsk in 2015. The refinery has exported around 80’000 tons of base oils in 2017 with majority of it going via Baltic ports to Europe.

Taneco refinery produces HVI-2 group II base oils with viscosity at 100 C at 2.5 cSt and VHVH-4 with viscosity around 4 cSt at 100C.

“Tatartsan is rapidly developing Russian oil product petrochemical hub, while Nizhnekamsk, where Taneco refinery is located, is capital of Russian Group III production. Will be interesting to learn how Taneco will adjust to growing completion from Gazpromneft and Rosneft” – Mr. Varaksin comments.

Russian base oils export increased by 35% during last two years after declining 40% in 2010-2015. Russia remains one of the world’s biggest Group I base oils producers despite closing down three base oils unit with combined capacity of 725’000 tons/year during last 8 years. Russian base oils market is dominated by Lukoil, Rosneft, Gazpromneft and Tatneft.

DYM Resources is trading firm focused on base oils from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Europe. The company is dealing with Group I, Group II and Group III base oils. Our experienced logistics team delivers the product globally in bulk, flexi-containers, iso-containers, rail tank cars and trucks.

To have a meeting with DYM Resources base oils director please contact us though our web-page , email or visit our Facebook page.

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Argus Petcoke 2017

DYM Resources attends Argus Petcoke Summit in Texas

DYM Resources petcoke trader Yury Burenko will participate in The 9th annual Argus Americas Petroleum Coke Summit. The conference will take place during 13-15 September 2017 in Woodlands, Texas, USA.

The Argus Americas Petroleum Coke Summit is one of the biggest events for Global petcoke market. More than 300 participants from US, Venezuela, Turkey, India, Russia, China and other countries will attend the Summit.

A new focus for 2017 petcoke summit is “more global coverage of the anode grade coke markets” and DYM Resources is very active in this field and has experience and competence needed in current changing environment.

DYM Resources focuses on the petcoke originated from ex-USSR countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan) as petcoke production in the region is rapidly growing.

Mr. Burenko will be available for meetings during whole period of the Summit from 13th till 15th of September. Contact us to schedule a meeting with Yury.

DYM Resources is a trading company specialized in niche oils trading and a specific focus on petcoke business. DYM Resources deals with all kinds of petroleum coke:

  • anode petcoke
  • fuel petcoke
  • green petcoke
  • calcined petcoke

DYM has strong position in Russian and neighboring countries and developing its worldwide operations. The company can supply product by dry tankers, rail road and containers.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about the petcoke grades we offer.

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Argus Iran Base Oils and Lubricants conference

DYM Resources speaks at 2nd Argus Iran Base Oils and Lubricants conference

DYM Resource delivered presentation at 2nd Argus Iran Base Oils and Lubricants conference in Tehran, Iran on 19th of April.

Denis Varaksin, DYM Resources’ base oils and slack wax director paper is: “Weighting the risk: CIS Supplies into Iran – what does it mean for global producers?”. The paper has especial focus on Turkmenbashy base oils supplies to Iran.

“Iranian economy recovers from sanctions and has a great potential as well as the whole region has great potential for base oils demand growth”, – Denis Varaksin, DYM Resources’ base oils and slack wax director commented.

Russia has two trends today: growing Group III supplies and decreasing quality of Group I base oils: worsening crude quality increases Sulphur level and darkens the colour of Russian base oils, DYM Resources noted. New group III base oils supplies will increase Russian base oils export this year again thanks to new base oils unit at Yaroslavl refinery which is going to add 100’000 tons of high quality base oils production.

DYM Resources is a supplier of Group I and III base oils from Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Europe with possibility to load in flexi-containers, rail tank cars and trucks. The company focuses on supplies of SN 150, SN 350, SN 500, SN 900, BS-150 and group III 4 cst.

To schedule meeting with DYM Resources team in Tehran during 19-20 April, please contact us through email , our LinkedIn,  Facebook pages or website We guarantee all requests will be answered.

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Russian base oils

DYM Resources Speaks on Russian Base Oils Competitiveness at Argus Iran Conference

DYM Resources project manager Denis Varaksin spoke at the Argus Iran Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in Tehran, discussing how Russian base oils and other former Soviet Union base oils will compete with Iranian base oils in a post-sanctions world.

“Heavy grades like SN 900, SN 1200 and Bright Stock from Russia will be still competitive, as supplies of high viscosity products in the region are still tight,” Varaksin said.

“A new supply of Group II and Group III from Russia is entering the market due to its high quality and low prices,” he added.

At the same time, Russian Group I base oils are losing market share in the United Arab Emirates and India, due to growing Iranian supplies after the easing of sanctions, according to DYM research.

Russia and Iran imports to India, Mt

  • Russia
  • Iran/UAE

Turkmenistan base oils have become more attractive to the Iranian and UAE markets after the launch of a new railroad line via Gorgan, Iran along the Caspian Sea. This new line cuts delivery times and costs for Turkmenistan SN 180, SN 350 and SN 600 base oils.

DYM Resources is an independent international base oils and slack wax supplier focused on products from Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Iran.

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