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Russia’s bitumen export duty drops for May 2020 shipments

The oil export duty of Russia will fall by $45.2 to $6.8 per ton from May 1, according to the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. The ministry reports that from March 15 to April 14 the average price of Russia’s main export oil blends, Urals, was $19 per barrel, or $138.7 per ton.

Considering the current prices for Russian crude oil blend Urals, projected export duty in June will be 0 USD/mt for the first time since duties were introduced. Export duty of bitumen is equal to export duty of crude oil. This means that the bitumen export duty will be less than 7 USD/Mt for May 2020 shipments.

The current situation makes the export of Russian bitumen to the neighboring CIS countries cost-effective for European customers. Russian refineries can deliver additional volumes to the European market due to a temporary decline in domestic demand because of the restrictive measures introduced in Russia in early April.

DYM Resources offers both regular and polymer modified bitumen. All products are EN-certified.

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DYM starts supplies of ethanol and benzalkonium chloride for sanitizers production

DYM Resources is reacting to the COVID-19 outbreak, constantly trying to adapt to the new circumstances and the changing environment. This time we are introducing two new products: ethanol and BAC (benzalkonium chloride).

Since the demand for alcohol disinfectant is extremely high these days, people start turning to ethanol and non-alcoholic disinfectants that may as well be effectively used as sanitizers.

The use of ethanol in a production of disinfectants has been approved in many countries in an effort to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Many producers switched their production from fuel alcohol to neutral alcohol for disinfectants.

DYM Resources is exporting 98% ethanol from Korea and China.

The product is packed in iso-tanks 19 tons each.


Certificate of Quality

PurityVol %Min 9898.1
Color (Pt-Co scale)Max 104
AcidityWt%Max 0.0030.0016
AcetaldehydeWt%Max 0.20.0088
MethanolWt%Max 0.0150.0096
AcetalWt%Max 0.10.0092
Higher alcoholWt%Max 0.050.0214
BitrexMg/100mlMin 0.60.89

Benzalkonium chloride is an active ingredient for alcohol-free hand sanitizers that also can reduce microbes, kill many types of bacteria and be effective against many viruses including the influenza A virus, rhinovirus, hepatitis A virus, HIV, and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

DYM Resources exports Benzalkonium chloride 50 % stabilized by ethyl alcohol from China packed in IBC and drum in 20-feet containers.

CAS number: 8001-54-5 and 68424-85-1


Certificate of Quality

Appearance Light yellow transparent liquidLight yellow transparent liquid
Active content%50 min50.20
Amine salt%2 max0.62
PH (as it) 6.0-8.07.20
Ethyl alcohol%1 maxqualified

For more information about the product or to get a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email We usually reply within 24 hours.

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DYM Resources starts supplies for isopropyl alcohol for disinfection

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis increased demand for the disinfectant products since regular disinfection helps to limit the virus spread. Realizing the importance of the topic, DYM Resources is getting into the act: we added a new product IPA (isopropyl alcohol) into our chemicals segment. This is an essential step in helping to meet the global demand for hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants.

IPA is an inexpensive solvent used as a common ingredient in chemicals such as antiseptics, disinfectants, and detergents. It can also be used in aftershave lotions, hand lotions, and other cosmetics.

“We expect long term demand for disinfection as the world will continue to fight the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic most likely till the end of this year. Based on previous virus outbreaks in Asia, the demand for sanitizing materials will remain strong during several months after the crisis is over”

Denis Varaksin, managing director of DYM Resources

INEOS, one of the world’s largest chemical producers, has planned to build two new factories in 10 days to produce more IPA. Currently the company has IPA production capacities of 155,000 tons/year at Moers and of 85,000 tons/year in Herne (both cities are in Germany), so they are planning to increase these numbers dramatically.

According to Technavio report Isopropyl Alcohol Market by Application and Geography – Forecast and Analysis 2020-2024, “The isopropyl alcohol market size has the potential to grow by 521.75 thousand tons during 2020-2024, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate during the forecast period.”

Despite falling crude oil prices, value of isopropyl alcohol has increased almost three times compared to average prices of 2019. In times of shortage professional supply chain solutions are needed and DYM Resources expertise is here to help clients globally.

DYM Resources can supply cosmetic grade IPA in drums and iso-containers. Please find a Cerfiticate of Quality below.
For more information please contact our managing directors per email:

AppearanceClear colorless liquidClear colorless liquid
Acidity(CH3COOH) %≤0.0020.0015
Evaporation residueW/%≤0.0020.0020
Hydroxyl content(acetone) %≤0.020.012
S, ppmppm≤20.50
Water solubility test Passed
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DYM Resources comments on base oils supplies disruption in Lubes’n’Greases

An award-winning, independent monthly magazine about the global lubricants industry, Lubes’n’Greases, published DYM Resources’ comment on the recent disruption of Russian base oil exports by COVID-19. Please read the full article here:

According to DYM Resources’ managing director Denis Varaksin, the flow of products moving out of Russia and other neighboring countries has slowed. The reason is the lack of personnel at loading and reloading stations as well as delayed customs clearances. Customs officials in Russia and Ukraine sometimes refuse to accept the documents from long-haul drivers because of the possibility of the virus spread.

At the same time, Varaksin says, “prices of container freight and truck freight are going up”.

Russia exports big volumes of oil products to different markets such as Western Europe, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Africa. The lubricants industry in Russia, one of the world’s largest base oil producing nations, is likely to be facing challenges due to the expected ruble devaluation and the COVID-19 spread.

OPEC proposed Russia to cooperatively reduce crude oil production, but the Russian government rejected this proposal. Afterwards the Saudis flooded the market with cheap crude, contributing to a fall-off in prices.

Oleg Tsvetkov, chief specialist at the Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis of the Russian Academy of Science, compared the situation to what happened in the late 1990s when the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez convinced the Saudis to sell crude oil for fixed prices. Back then it helped fight poverty in Venezuela and Russia, but now the authorities seem to be doing the opposite.

DYM Resources is a base oils trader with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The company is offering a wide range of base oils, including Group I, II and III as well as finished lubricants and additives. DYM Resources exports base oils and waxes from Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Europe and other locations in flexi-containers, iso-tank, trucks, rail tank cars and bulk vessels.

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COVID-19 Update

DYM Resources is closely following all the updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. We consider the probable scenarios at the highest level and take all the necessary measures.
Coronavirus has considerably disrupted business, travel and daily life, and we do our best to maintain high-quality service to our customers.

Our employees’ health is certainly of the utmost priority for us: we do apply a social distance policy, work from home and follow all advice from the government. All our team members are healthy and safe.

DYM Resources’ financial situation is also stable: we are adapting to the new environment trying to minimize the effects of the outbreak on our business.

We wish everyone to stay safe and strong in these challenging times!

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DYM Resources comments on virus changing Group I and Group III flows

The leading media in the field of lubricants, oils, and waxes, Lubes ‘N’ Greases, has quoted DYM Resources’ managing director Denis Varaksin.

“China’s imports of many raw materials have dropped,” Denis Varaksin, director of base oils and waxes at German trading company DYM Resources GmbH, told Lube Report. “So, the import of base oils has decreased massively, and a big part of that import was Group III … from South Korea, Malaysia and the Middle East.”

“These flows are likely to be re-directed to other markets such as Europe, [the U.S.] and India, driving premiums for Group III down,” Varaksin said.

“The reason is the same – the virus – but the impact is different,” Varaksin said. “Because of the Chinese import drop, the Group III market globally is long, and because of the Iranian export decrease, the Group I market is short in the Middle East, India, Africa and Southeast Asia.”

Read the full article on Lubes ‘N’ Greases.

DYM Resources is a base oils trader with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The company is offering a wide range of base oils, including Group I, II and III as well as finished lubricants and additives. DYM Resources exports base oils and waxes from Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Europe and other locations in flexi-containers, iso-tank, trucks, rail tank cars and bulk vessels.

To get a quote, please email us on We usually reply within 48 hours.

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DYM Resources is participating in Progetto Fuoco 2020 in Verona

DYM Resources is attending the most important international exhibition for the wood-fired heating industry Progetto Fuoco.

With more than 650 exhibitors and over 75,000 visitors from all over the world, this fair is a key event for establishing partnerships and learning about the industry trends.

“Italy is the biggest importer of premium-quality pellets in the world with about 3 million tons per year. Italy is also one of the top-3 buyers of Russian pellets as of 2018. DYM Resources believes that with CO2 reduction targets the consumption of pellets will continue to grow in 2020-2030 and supplies from Russia to Italy will increase” – Denis Varaksin, managing director of DYM Resources comments.

Russia is currently producing about 2 million tons of pellets per year with a current production capacity about 3,9 million tons. Russia has a potential to increase production and export 3-4 times within the next few years. Pellets production in Russia has increased more than 55% from 2016 to 2018.

DYM Resources can supply pellets of A1, A2 and other quality from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. They company is able to supply EN+ and SBP certified pellets for industrial consumption or for heat generation.

Pellets from Russia can be exported in containers or in bulk vessels from the ports of Saint Petersburg, Ust-Luga or Baltic ports such as Riga. Pellets can be packed in 16, 25 or 50kg bags as well as 1000 kg bags. About 95% of Russian pellets productions is being exported, with 95% heading towards Europe and only 5% to Asia. There are more then 250 pellets producers in Russia today, vast majority of them is located in the northwestern part, closer to European consumers.

International Pellet Market, one of the four specialized areas of the fair Progetto Fuoco 2020, is especially relevant for DYM Resources due to the recent focus of the company on pellets. DYM Resources is able to organize sourcing, quality control, delivery and financing of pellets supplies.

If you would like to meet DYM Resources representative at the fair, please schedule a meeting per email

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