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DYM Resources speaks at Argus Petcoke Live

From the 22nd to the 24th of September DYM Resources’s Managing Director Yury Burenko is participating in a virtual conference Argus Petcoke Live as one of the speakers. The Covid-10 crisis has brought big events such as conferences online – and DYM Resources is looking forward to exploring this new way of networking.

Argus Petcoke Live is a 72-hour global virtual event that will enable global peers from the petcoke, cement, aluminum and steel industries to connect and do business bringing together end users, refiners, traders, technology and service providers. Despite being purely virtual, this event still offers everything that a traditional one would: panels and presentations with expert speakers, 1:1 meetings with delegates via video, call or chat, and group meetings. Every attendee has their own profile, so it is easier to filter and choose who to meet with.

The conference is held through a special online platform – a virtual environment created exclusively for the event. A lot of activities during the conference will be interactive, but it will also be possible to catch up on the missed sessions after.

The industry’s response to the Covid-19 crisis will be definitely the hot topic at the event. Discussions will include both region-specific and cross-regional challenges and opportunities. All networking opportunities and content will be available for participants from all time zones.

DYM’s Yury Burenko is excited to be back on track and looks forward to the conference:

“This is our first global event after such a long pause. Since maintaining contacts and socializing is very important in our industry, we have to adjust to the current circumstances and do it online. We regularly participate at Argus’s events and are always happy to share with our key partners some market insights that we get via sourcing from CIS countries showing them existing opportunities”.

DYM Resources is specializing on niche oil products and sustainable commodities supplies from the former USSR countries. One of the key trading markets is petcoke – both of anode and fuel grade.

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Traders bring value to the market – Lubes and Greases quote DYM Resources

Leading industry magazine Lubes and Greases publishes feature story about traders role in base oils market and quote DYM Resources GmbH’ managing director Denis Varaksin:

“Denis Varaksin, managing director of Berlin, Germany-based trader DYM Resources, agreed that traders do and will continue to provide invaluable shipping services. “DYM Resources buys from Russian refineries in rail tank cars, accumulates product in different ports and sells product to clients in flexitanks, rail tank cars, trucks, iso-tanks or bulk [containers]. There is no refinery that could offer the same range of grades, financial flexibility and modes of transport at the same time.”

Being a successful trader, said Varaksin, also requires thorough knowledge of the product being sold and its technical applications. “We also regularly improve our technical expertise to advise which raw materials would work better in certain applications. Good traders advise their customers when it is a good time to buy base oil to avoid shortages before upcoming maintenance [turnarounds] or other disruptions.”

Full story you may read here:

DYM Resources’ expertise is confirmed by dozens of publications in leading industry media as well as speaking at major conferences worldwide on the topic of base oils and specifically base oils from Russia and CIS countries.

Recently DYM Resources diversified its supply portfolio to Group II and Group III base oils from Asia and Middle East. The company may offer various base oils in different packing from more than 20 refineries worldwide.

For base oils enquiry please contact us via website form or

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DYM Resources restarts bulk petcoke loadings in the Black Sea

Trading company DYM Resources GmbH has restarted bulk loadings of green petroleum coke from a Russian port Yeisk in June 2020 and is planning to continue regular loadings in July and August, the company says.

Port facilities allow to load up to 4500 tons of petroleum coke.

“With an active demand from Turkey and other countries in the Black Sea region we are happy to be back in the market with fuel grade petroleum coke” – Yury Burenco, director of DYM Resources comments.

Russian petroleum coke is used by cement plants as a better alternative to steam coal and lignite due to higher calorific value.

Back in 2016 DYM Resources was one of the first companies that supplied Russian origin petcoke to the Turkish market after tax maneuver decreased export duty for petcoke. Since then the market reshaped significantly, new Delayed Coker Units (DCU) were started in the region, as well as fuel mixes changed at the consumer’s side.

DYM Resources can offer petroleum coke from every producer of the former USSR countries market, including but not limited to Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazpromneft, Tatneft, Antipink refinery and Turkmenbashy refinery.

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, the demand for petroleum coke outpaces the production which was affected by OPEC+ deal. Russian refinery as well as many others have cut their running rates significantly due to lower crude oil supplies and difficulties to sell jet fuel and gasoline. Decrease running rates led to the shortage in petroletum coke and base oils market where DYM Resources is focused on. DYM Resources has a long-term contract with Russian producers which allows the company to offer its clients the product in times of shortage.

Please contact us via our website in case you have any petrolatum coke inquiry.

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DYM Resources inicia la venta de alcohol isopropílico como desinfectante

En este periodo de crisis del COVID-19 en el que nos vemos envueltos, la desinfección rutinaria de superficies es una de las medidas más eficaces para impedir la propagación del virus. En DYM Resources, conscientes de la relevancia del problema, hemos decidido dar un paso adelante e incluir alcohol isopropílico (IPA) en nuestro catálogo. Esta medida es un paso esencial para ayudar a satisfacer la demanda mundial de desinfectantes de manos y de superficies.

El alcohol isopropílico o isopropanol es un disolvente de bajo coste que se emplea en la formulación de algunos químicos como antisépticos, desinfectantes y detergentes. Puede ser también utilizado en lociones para después del afeitado, lociones de mano u otros cosméticos.

Esperamos que la demanda de productos desinfectantes continúe hasta final de año, ya que probablemente el mundo tendrá que seguir haciendo frente a la pandemia COVID-19 hasta ese momento. Teniendo en cuenta la progresión de otros brotes víricos en Asia en el pasado, la demanda de productos desinfectantes se mantendrá al alza durante varios meses después del fin de la crisis”

Denis Varaksin, director ejecutivo de DYM Resources.

INEOS, una de las empresas químicas más importantes del mundo, ha comenzado a planificar un aumento en su capacidad de producción de alcohol isopropílico construyendo dos nuevas plantas en 10 días. INEOS dispone ya de instalaciones en las ciudades alemanas de Moers (155.000 toneladas al año) y Herne (85.000 toneladas al año) y su intención es incrementar significativamente los volúmenes de producción.

Según el informe de Technavio, Isopropyl Alcohol Market by Application and Geography-Forecast and Analysis 2020-2024. “El mercado de alcohol isopropílico crecerá 521.750 toneladas entre 2020 y 2024”

A pesar de la caída del precio del petróleo, el valor del alcohol isopropílico se ha triplicado en comparación con el precio medio de 2019. En estos tiempos, en los que las líneas de suministro escasean, DYM Resources asegura sus envíos en todo el mundo. 

DYM Resources puede suministrar alcohol isopropílico de grado cosmético en barriles e isotanques.  A continuación, se incluye el certificado de calidad del producto.

AparienciaLíquido claro transparenteLíquido claro transparente
Acidez(CH3COOH) %≤0.0020.0015
Residuo de evaporaciónW/%≤0.0020.0020
Contenido Hydroxyl(acetona) %≤0.020.012
S, ppmppm≤20.50
Test de solubilidad en agua Passed
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DYM Resources starts lithium hydroxide supply

DYM Resources introduces a new product in our portfolio – lithium hydroxide (HS Code 38112900, CAS Number 1310-65-2, EC No 215-183-4). We just bought a first batch from Russia and plan regular deliveries to our clients in Africa, Asia, and Middle East.

Lithium hydroxide is used to make lithium greases. Lithium greases are resistant to water and can be used in high or low temperatures. It is used to transfer heat. It can be used in electrolytes. Technical grade hydroxide can be used to glaze ceramics and make glass and cement. 70% of lubricating greases in the world have lithium in them.

Production of lithium hydroxide is expected to grow in the next five years, as the demand for it will rise dramatically in response to changes in electric vehicle (EV) battery materials. Russia is increasing lithium hydroxide production due to access to low-cost energy, labor and existing experience.

DYM Resources offers delivery of lithium hydroxide is in 25 kg bags, but we can also provide bags of the „big-bag“ type (500 kg and 1000 kg). Lithium hydroxide package complies with international standards and allows to transport product over long distances without changing the physical and chemical properties of the product.

To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us per email


CAS Number: 1310-66-3; 1310-65-2

REACH: 1-2119560576-31-xxxx (registered for 10-100 tons/year).

1.LiOHmin 56,5%
2.Fe2O3max 0,0015%
3.Almax 0,01%
4.Namax 0,03%
5.Kmax 0,01%
6.Camax 0,01%
7.Cl max 0,01%
8.CO2max 0,25%
9.Simax 0,04%
10.Pbmax 0,0005%
11.Mgmax 0,001%
12.SO4max 0,03%
13.non-soluble in HCI max 0,08%

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DYM inicia la venta de etanol y cloruro de benzalconio para la producción de desinfectante de manos.

DYM Resources se adapta a las nuevas circunstancias marcadas por el brote de COVID-19 introduciendo dos nuevos productos en nuestro catálogo: Etanol y Cloruro de Benzalconio (BAC).

Debido a que la demanda de desinfectantes alcohólicos ha crecido de forma evidente, otros productos como el etanol y desinfectantes no-alcohólicos se están haciendo un hueco en el mercado.

El uso de etanol en la producción de desinfectantes ha sido aprobado en muchos países en un intento por controlar la expansión de la pandemia. Muchos productores de etanol para combustibles diversifican su producción y adaptan su catálogo a la creciente demanda de este producto como desinfectante de manos.

DYM Resources exporta etanol al 98% desde Corea y China.

El producto se suministra en isotanques con un contenido de 19 toneladas.


Certificado de calidad

PurezaVol %Min 9898.1
Color ( Escala Pt-Co)Max 104
AcidezWt%Max 0.0030.0016
AcetaldehídoWt%Max 0.20.0088
MetanolWt%Max 0.0150.0096
AcetalWt%Max 0.10.0092
Alcohol SuperiorWt%Max 0.050.0214
BitrexMg/100mlMin 0.60.89

El Cloruro de Benzalconio es el ingrediente activo de los desinfectantes no alcohólicos, este posee también propiedades biocidas, elimina múltiples tipos de bacteria y es efectivo ante múltiples virus incluyendo el virus de la Gripe A, Rinovirus, virus de la Hepatitis A, VIH y MERS-CoV.

DYM Resources exporta Cloruro de Benzalconio al 50% estabilizado con alcohol etílico desde China en contenedores IBC y barriles, en contenedores de 20 pies.

Número CAS: 8001-54-5 Y 68424-85-1


Certificado de Calidad

Apariencia Líquido amarillento claro transparenteLíquido amarillento claro transparente
Contenido Activo%50 min50.20
Sal de Amina%2 max0.62
PH (as it) 6.0-8.07.20
Alcohol etílico%1 maxqualified

Si desean más información de los productos o cotización de estos, pueden contactarnos vía email: Solemos responder en menos de 24 horas.

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DYM Resources renews registration at Uzbekistan commodity exchange

DYM Resources has recently renewed the registration at Uzbek commodity exchange and is able to source base oils, petroleum coke, slack wax and other products from Uzbekistan’s Fergana refinery.

The Fergana refinery produces about 60 types of petroleum products and is the only base oils producer in Uzbekistan. The design capacity of the processing plant is 5.5 million tons of oil per year. Fergana Oil Refinery is the only enterprise for producing fuel and lubricants in Central Asia region except for Turkmenbashy refinery in Turkmenistan.

Fergana Refinery exports SN 100, SN 150, SN 350, and SN 500 base oils and their industrial equivalents. The main destination markets are Central Asia, the Middle East, and Turkey. Base oils product capacity is estimated in different sources from 100,000 tons per year to 400,000 tons per year.

Fergana Refinery can produce more than 900 tons of slack wax a month, as well as 100 tons of paraffin T1 and petrolatum (micro crystalline wax with high oil content). Slack wax of Uzbekistan has a light color and a low melting point, which makes it a good source for candle production. There is a high demand in slack wax among candle manufacturers especially in Poland and Lithuania.

Uzbekistan’s lubes market is estimated at 216,000 tons per year, according to Uznefteproduct. The country imports around 20,000 tons of lubes annually.

DYM Resources is buying the products at the Uzbek commodity exchange, organizing finance and quality control and delivering products at competitive prices, with high quality logistics and flexible payment terms. DYM Resources can offer base oils in rail tank cars or flexi-containers and slack wax in trucks, rail tank cars and tank containers from The Fergana Oil Refinery in Uzbekistan. To get a quality sheet or receive a quote, please send your request to  

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