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DYM Resources Attends The Unity Mineral Oil Technology Congress

Denis Varaksin, DYM Resources Managing Director, is attending the Unity Mineral Oil Congress in Stuttgart during 1-3 of April 2019. The new industry trends are to be discussed by the main players of the lube and fuel sector. The event will be attended by all major market players as well as the experts in the mechanical and automotive engineering.

This forum is a rare opportunity for the communication between automobile industry participants and the commodity companies.

 “Germany is world leader in car manufacturing and high-tech industries, it is very important to understand where the German market is moving, the rest of the world will follow” – says Denis Varaksin, the managing director of DYM Resources GmbH.

DYM Resources is an international oil trading company, focused on base oil supplies.

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DYM Resources attends petcoke forum in Moscow

DYM Resources GmbH is attending 5th petroleum coke forum in Moscow, which is called Neftekoks 2019 during March 12-13th. DYM Resources is participating in the forum for the 3rd time.

Petroleum coke production in Russia and ex-USSR countries is growing, we expect new units to start up in 2020, Russia is becoming a major player in Global petcoke market“ – DYM Resources petcoke trading director Yury Burenco says.

Russian petroleum coke forum helps to promote Russian petcoke, improve production stability and quality and find new outlets for the product. Among the participants are the oil majors like Rosneft, Gazpomneft, Lukoil, Tatneft, Antipinsk refinery, metallurgical companies from Russia and CIS, manufactures of abrasive and refractory materials, designers and manufactures of high-tech equipment, representatives of the specialized research institutions.

DYM Resources is a trading firm focused on petroleum coke exports from Russia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. The company is working with low and high Sulphur petroleum coke from multiple suppliers like Rosneft, Lukoil, Tatneft, Gazpromneft, Turkmenbashy refinery and others. DYM Resources loads petcoke to cement and metal industries by rail, container and bulk vessels.

To meet with the DYM Resources director during the Neftekoks 2019 Forum in Moscow, please contract us via our website or email

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DYM Resources Attends ICIS London 2019 Base Oils Conference

DYM Resources GmbH is attending the 23rd ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference base oils and lubricants conference during February 20th to 22nd in London.

The main themes of the 2019 conference will be the future of Group II base oils in Europe, the impact of electric vehicles on the lubricants market, Group III global capacities for growth, the impact of ride sharing on car demand, as well as the global decarbonization trend. IMO-2020 and the latest market developments in India will be also discussed.

 “Russian base oils are supplied globally, and we are glad to meet with our partners to discuss plans for 2019 and update our growth strategy,” DYM Resources base oils and wax director Denis Varaksin says.

The conference will be attended by more than 600 delegates, from base oils producers and lubricants blenders to chemical terminals, logistics and trading companies from all over the world. This year there will be workshops on China and Brexit. Global base oils and lubricants leaders such as Mobil, Chevron, SK, Neste, Fuchs Petrolub, Shell, Lukoil, ADNOC, Saudi Aramco, Lubrizol, and others will be presented at the event. 

DYM Resources is a trading firm focused on base oils, waxes, bitumen, and petroleum coke. The company sourcing focus is Russian-speaking countries: Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Belarus.  DYM Resources delivers base oils SN 150, SN 350, SN 500, SN 900, SN 1200, and BS-150, Group II HVI-2, as well as Group III VHVI-4 and VHVI-8 globally in bulk tankers, flexi-containers, rail tank cars, trucks, and iso-containers.

To meet with the DYM Resources base oils director during the ICIS London conference, please contract us via our website or email

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DYM Resources Speaks at the 3rd EMEA Base Oil, Lubricant and Wax Conference

The 3rd Asia, Middle East, and Africa Base Oil, Lubricant, and Wax Conference will take place in Dubai, UAE, on February 6th and 7th. The primary focus will be devoted to discussions on evolving base oil markets, emerging supplies, and demand hubs.

Denis Varaksin from DYM Resources GmbH will be speaking about the Russian base oils market and future potential among such industry leaders as the CEO of Gulf Oil Middle East Limited, the Global Head of Base Oils from the Gulf Petrochem Group, and others.

“It is a pleasure for me to participate in the conference this year as a speaker. The Middle East and African Lubricant markets are continuously growing. DYM Resources focuses on Group I supplies from Russia to UAE, and we are also interested in developing our wax supplies here,” the managing director of DYM Resources, Denis Varaksin, says.

The conference is organized by Petrosil and Rex Fuels.

DYM Resources is an international oil trading company specialized in base oils, lubricants, and slack wax supply. The company is supplying base oils from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Europe in flexi-tanks and bulk.

To meet our managing director Denis Varaksin at the 3th AMEA Conference, you are welcome to contact us per email:

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Bitumen road

Russian Bitumen Production up 21% in 1H 2018

Bitumen is the principal material used for road construction. Close to 95% of all “paved” roads in the world are estimated to have bituminous surfacing.

As per analytical data published by CREON Energy, bitumen production in Russia reached 5.92 million MT in 2017, 10.3% higher than the year before. For the first 6 months of 2018, the total production of bitumen is already 21% higher than in the corresponding period of the previous year. The total volume of production in 2018 could therefore reach 6.9 million MT, the highest result of the last 5 years. The main producers of bitumen in Russia are Rosneft, Gazpromneft, and Lukoil.

Bitumen production in Russia

  • mln Mt

This increase in the volumes of bitumen production is principally due to substantial expansion of internal road construction in the last years. At the same time, a window for export supplies still exists.

In addition, the growth rate of polymer-modified bitumen (PMB) production is more than 10% each year. According to analytical data, this volume should exceed 5% of the total bitumen volume by the end of 2018. Due to its high quality, this product is largely exported in big bags, and the main country of export is currently Chile.

PMB production in Russia

  • ths Mt

In August 2018, the Russian government decided to complete a so-called “tax maneuver,” meaning that the export duties for oil and heavy petroleum products will gradually decline to 0% by 2024. This will have a big impact on bitumen markets, and the current export duty for bitumen (Oct. 2018) is set to 137.50 USD/Mt. The first decrease of export duty at 20% will start on 01.01.2019, with a corresponding decrease every year until 0% is reached in 2024.

Export duty reductions may thus lead to more attractive export prices for bitumen, along with growing volumes of production.

In addition, PMB and other bitumen products (specialties for road construction like polymer bitumen joint tapes, mastics, and sealants etc) already have 0% export duty.

DYM Resources is an international trading company, focused on providing high-quality services in niche oil products supplies.

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DYM Resources Begins Sale of Bitumen Specialties for Road Construction

DYM Resources has begun to sell high-quality polymer-bitumen materials for road infrastructure, airports, and general construction that are intended to extend the service life of bitumen concrete and cement concrete surfaces.

The range of bitumen specialties offered by DYM Resources is as follows:

• Polymer-bitumen joint tapes

• Mastics and sealants for airports, roads, and bridges

• Waterproofing, liquid rubber, protective restoring compounds, etc.

All above-mentioned products meet EU quality requirements and have corresponding certificates.
For the past 10 years, these bitumen specialties have been widely used in all federal roads and airports in Russia, which has led to the first successful export supplies. DYM Resources expects exported volumes to continue to grow in 2019, thanks to the launch of its warehouse program along with the direct supplies to key construction projects.

Along with Bitumen specialties, DYM Resources has also begun to supply polymer modified bitumen (PMB), which increases the life cycle of road pavement to be two to three times longer than with normal bitumen. The presented PMB has CE certification and 0% export duty, making it of especial interest to European customers.

DYM Resources is an international trading company, focused on providing high-quality services in petrochemical supplies. Please contact us to get more information about bitumen and bitumen specialties offered by DYM Resources.

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DYM Resources Will Attend the 7th ICIS African Base Oils & Lubricants Conference

The managing director of DYM Resources will attend the 7th ICIS African Base Oils & Lubricants Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

The conference begins on the 31st of October and will open with the welcoming speech of Cliff Classen, CEO of Orbichem Petrochemicals. The discussions will focus on the future development of the African Market, addressing topics such as innovative ecological solutions, macroeconomic and political impacts, ensuring quality control, and the need for local industrial lubricants.

The event is expected to host about 90 attendees from 60 companies from 20 countries.

“It is a great oportunity to meet with our colleagues in Cape Town and to exchange updates on the current situation.  The African market is a long-term partner for DYM Resources,” revealed Denis Varaksin.

DYM Resources is an international oil trading company, focused on base oil supplies.

To meet our managing director Denis Varaksin at the 7th ICIS African Base Oils & Lubricants Conference, don’t hesitate to contact us via email:

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