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DYM Resources is participating in Progetto Fuoco 2020 in Verona

DYM Resources is attending the most important international exhibition for the wood-fired heating industry Progetto Fuoco.

With more than 650 exhibitors and over 75,000 visitors from all over the world, this fair is a key event for establishing partnerships and learning about the industry trends.

“Italy is the biggest importer of premium-quality pellets in the world with about 3 million tons per year. Italy is also one of the top-3 buyers of Russian pellets as of 2018. DYM Resources believes that with CO2 reduction targets the consumption of pellets will continue to grow in 2020-2030 and supplies from Russia to Italy will increase” – Denis Varaksin, managing director of DYM Resources comments.

Russia is currently producing about 2 million tons of pellets per year with a current production capacity about 3,9 million tons. Russia has a potential to increase production and export 3-4 times within the next few years. Pellets production in Russia has increased more than 55% from 2016 to 2018.

DYM Resources can supply pellets of A1, A2 and other quality from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. They company is able to supply EN+ and SBP certified pellets for industrial consumption or for heat generation.

Pellets from Russia can be exported in containers or in bulk vessels from the ports of Saint Petersburg, Ust-Luga or Baltic ports such as Riga. Pellets can be packed in 16, 25 or 50kg bags as well as 1000 kg bags. About 95% of Russian pellets productions is being exported, with 95% heading towards Europe and only 5% to Asia. There are more then 250 pellets producers in Russia today, vast majority of them is located in the northwestern part, closer to European consumers.

International Pellet Market, one of the four specialized areas of the fair Progetto Fuoco 2020, is especially relevant for DYM Resources due to the recent focus of the company on pellets. DYM Resources is able to organize sourcing, quality control, delivery and financing of pellets supplies.

If you would like to meet DYM Resources representative at the fair, please schedule a meeting per email

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DYM Resources is quoted by a leading Russian business media RBC

Most visited Russian business news agency RBC (RosBusinessConsulting) has quoted DYM Resources’ Managing Director Denis Varaksin. This shows in-depth knowledge of commodities market by our team.

The issue in hand is a situation with a Ukrainian trader Cantarell Trading that took responsibility for illegal supplies of diesel to Ukraine from the Orsk oil refinery, which belongs to Mikhail Gutseriyev’s ForteInvest.

In 2017, Cantarell Trading signed a contract with ForteInvest for the supply of diesel fuel to the Republic of Turkey. During the process of diesel fuel transportation Cantarell Trading decided to redirect the vessel to Ukraine, which became the reason for initiation of criminal case on smuggling by law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.

According to Interfax-Ukraine News Agency, The Federal Service for Technical and Export Control introduced a special authorization-based procedure for importing oil products to Ukraine back in 2015.

“Everyone on the Black Sea market knows about the procedure and everyone follows these requirements,”

Denis Varaksin, Managing Director of the trading company DYM Resources GmbH.

More details on this topic is available in Russian on RBC news website.

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Meet DYM Resources at the 6th International petcoke forum in Moscow

DYM Resources is attending the 6th International petroleum coke forum Neftekoks 2020. The forum takes place in Moscow on the 11-12th of March; it is the key event at the petcoke market in Russia and CIS countries.

Petcoke production in Russia reached the level of 3-3.5 million tons annually. Due to the building of delayed cocking units, a considerable production increase up to 7 million tons/year is expected by 2025.

“Currently the main volumes of the petcoke produced is consumed on the domestic market and only around 1/3 is exported. The production growth will increase export volume 3-4 times,” – Yury Burenko, DYM Resources petcoke trading director.

DYM Resources is dealing with low sulphur and high sulphur petcoke originated from former USSR countries: Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus. DYM Resources is also active on European and Chinese markets of petroleum coke.  

To meet DYM Resources director at the 6th International petcoke Forum in Moscow, please contact us via email

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Meet DYM Resources at the 24th ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference

DYM Resources is attending the 24th ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference from February 19th to 21st in London. The conference provides its participants with industry insights, information on the market trends and trade dynamics.

Networking sessions, C-level speakers, training courses – the leading industry conference is aimed at helping the players better shape their strategy und better understand the market.

Base oils and lubricants market is on the urge of great changes, it is important to understand global trends and World base oils and Lubricants conference is the exact place to do our market research and meet clients and suppliers” – Denis Varaksin, director lubes and base oils for DYM Resources says.

Main topics covered at the conference:

  • Future of motoring and future of mobility
  • IMO 2020 impact on base oils market
  • Electric cars and lube demand
  • Sustainability and the circular economy

Among attendees and speakers there will be such market leaders as: Nest, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Puraglobe, SK Lubricants, Croda, Shell, Gulf Oil, Valvoline, Orlen Oil, Calumet, Motive, Avista, Hyunday, Repsol, GS Caltex, Total, BASF, and others.

DYM Resources is a trading firm focused on base oils, waxes, bitumen, petroleum coke and biofuels. The company is supplying base oils from Russia, Belarus, Europe, and multiple other locations.

DYM Resources delivers Group I base oils SN 150, SN 350, SN 400, SN 500, SN 900, SN 1200 and BS-150, Group II HVI-2, as well as Group III VHVI-4, VHVI-6 and VHVI-8 globally in bulk tankers, flexi-containers, rail tank cars, trucks, and iso-containers. The company also supplies finished engine lubes, industrial oils and lube additives including viscosity modifiers and lithium hydroxide.

To schedule a meeting with DYM Resources at the conference do not hesitate to contact us per email

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DYM Resources featured in Lubes’n’Greases article about Belarus base oils and lubes export

Lubes’n’Greases, a renowned media in the field of lubricants, oils, and waxes, published DYM Resources’ comment on the recent suspension on exports of base oils and lubes in Belarus.

After Moscow halted crude deliveries, Minsk government decided to reduce local impacts by pausing exports of base oils and finished lubricants. Belarus is a key base oils and finished lubes supplier to Ukraine market as well as significant exporter of Group I grades via Baltic ports. Naftan refinery produces SN 150, SN 500, SN 1200 and other less common grades.

DYM Resources’ managing director Denis Varaksin noted that “the timing would be poor for any impact on base oils because the market recently began to pick up after demand was sluggish for most of 2019”.

“Oil products output can be reduced by half”

Read the full article by Boris Kamchev on Lubes’n’Greases.

DYM Resources is a base oils and slack wax trading company selling base oil globally in bulk, flexi-containers, rail tank cars, and trucks.

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Sustainable fuels

DYM Resources got ISCC certification and supplied first fatty acids to EU

DYM Resources has made significant step into sustainable business of biofuels by confirming ISCC certification. Now the company can trade sustainable Energy materials according to Renewable Energy Directive (RED).

The certificate was granted in October 2019 and the during the same month the company has delivered first truck on ISCC-complied fatty acids to the client in Wester Europe. DYM Resources organized financing, logistics and custom clearance of the cargo.


That is truly important step for us, certification proves that our business practices are comply with best industry standards, we plan to develop this project further on”, – comments Yury Burenco, trading director of DYM Resources.

DYM Resources is now certified by ISCC EU (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) which is approved by the European Commission. The company can supply the following sustainable materials include but not limited to:


  • Biofuels feedstock
  • Biofuels
  • Biomass

World biofuel production increased 7% in 2018 and reached 88 million tons. Biofuel consumption should triple within next 10 year and need to reach 280 million tons per to match Sustainable Development Scenario and limit global warming. This means about 10% of fuel will come from bio-based raw materials in 2030.

Biofuel consumption breakdown in the SDS (mln t)

  • Light passenger vehicles
  • Road freight
  • Shipping
  • Aviation

Diagram source:


DYM Resources provides supply chain service including sourcing, marketing, logistics, distribution, financing, quality control and technical support in the following industries: lubricants and base oils, bitumen, waxes, petroleum coke and fatty acids. The company is works in Europe, China, Russia and CIS countries like Belarus and Turkmenistan as well as Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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Meet DYM Resources at the 16th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants Conference

DYM Resources is participating in the 16th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants Conference. Global industry influencers and regional drivers for the Middle Eastern market will gather together from October 15th to 16th in Dubai.

Conference speakers will provide an overview of the Middle Eastern macroeconomy, including the Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants market: trends, economical сhallenges, environmental issues, future transformation strategies, impact of international regulation, etc.

Among the reports there are the following topics:

— How developments within the Gulf’s oil market are currently influencing its economy.

— Supply and demand dynamics of base oils Group I, II, III in the Middle Eastern region.

— How will sanctions affect base oils and lubricants demand and supply?

— Challenges in vehicle engine oils in MENA ahead of IMO 2020, globalization of standards.

— As the global fuel industry develops and innovates, how is the Middle East keeping up?

— The Gulf as a major marine hub: how is the Gulf preparing for IMO 2020? Is this regulation affecting the value chain, including ports?

— How does the marine fuel sector look like in the Middle East after 2020?

Delegates of the 16th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants Conference will include representatives from Novvi (develops, produces and distributes plant-based synthetic oils and lubricants), Lubrizol Dubai (coatings, engineered polymers, engine oil additives, industrial lubricants, etc),  Ineos Oligomers (manufactures chemicals for the use in polyethylene, lubricants, fuel additives, surfactants, and special materials),  Alhamrani FUCHS Petroleum (produces lubricants for various mechanical industries), Afton Chemical (develops and manufactures petroleum additives), and others.

DYM Resources is an international oil trading company specializing in base oils, additives, lubricants, and slack wax supply. The company is supplying base oils from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Europe by flexi-tanks, trucks, and bulk.

To meet our managing director Denis Varaksin on the 16th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants you are welcome to contact us per email:

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