Meet DYM Resources at the 13th ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants Conference

DYM Resources participates in the 13th ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants Conference. The Conference takes place from June 25th to 27th in Singapore.

“Asian market is the fastest growing one in the world. Quality changes happening there are amazing,” — says the managing director from DYM Resources Denis Varaksin. “DYM Resources is a global base oils and additives supplier. Therefore, we will use the conference to see suppliers and clients, and to get more knowledge about base oils market in Asia.”

Conference speakers will discuss, how politics and increased geopolitical tensions affect the Asian economy. They will try to make a forecast, what the economic outlook for the Asian region will be after 2020. Several reports will be made on the base oils of Group I and Group II, as well as on the introduction of Euro VI equivalents in Asia, and on upcoming innovations in engine performance affecting the lubricants business.

Among the speakers will be company representative from Shell, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants, Infineum Singapore ( fuel and lubricant additives), The Lubrizol (additives for transportation and industrial lubricants), Pertamina Lubricants (manufactures lubricants), Chemlube International (lubricating oils and greases), Lukoil Marine Lubricants.  In 2018 the Conference was attended by over than 300 delegates.

DYM Resources is an international oil trading company specialized in base oils, additives, lubricants, and slack wax supply. The company is supplying base oils from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Europe in flexi-tanks, trucks, and bulk.

To meet our managing director Denis Varaksin at the 13th ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants Conference you are welcome to contact us per email:

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Lubes'n'Greases EMEA

Lubes ‘N’ Greases Quotes DYM Resources on Slack Wax Market in Europe

The leading media in the field of lubricants, oils, and waxes, “Lubes ‘N’ Greases,” has quoted DYM Resources’ managing director Denis Varaksin on the topic of slack waxes’ supply-and-demand situation in Europe.

The quote refers to the slack wax production by Rosneft Refinery in Angarsk, Russia, and Uzbekneftegaz Refinery in Fergana, Uzbekistan. Products from both refineries are being sold to other parts of Europe.

Slack Waxes in Demand in Europe

DYM Resources is a base oils and slack wax trading company selling base oil globally in bulk, flexi-containers, rail tank cars, and trucks.

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Fergana Refinery

Fergana Slack Wax Prices Increase by 52 USD/Mt for September Loading

Fergana Refinery sold 600 tons of slack wax on the 15th of August for loading in early September, at a price 52 USD/Mt higher than during the previous tender held in July, according to data compiled by DYM Resources. Fergana slack wax prices have increased by 79 USD/Mt during the last two months and exceeded 850 USD/Mt at the Poland–Belarus border, delivered in rail tank cars to the CPT Brest–Małaszewicze basis.

Demand for slack wax surged due to the high season in Poland, where candle manufacturers are preparing for the November 1st celebration of the All Saints holiday. It takes more than 30 days to delivery cargo from Uzbekistan to Poland by rail, as the product has to travel around 5000 km.

The European wax market price increase is partly due to technical issues being experienced by several big producers in West Europe. According to market participants, one French refinery is struggling to stabilize production after spring maintenance. Another Italian producer has reduced availability after its ownership changed earlier this year.

Wax supplies tightness

The Russian slack wax market is also tighter now due to maintenance at Angarsk Refinery, scheduled for September to October. The refinery processes 250,000 tons of Group I base oils annually, producing light-grade slack wax. Angarsk slack wax is well-suited for grave light producers because of its low viscosity and low melting point properties.

“Light waxes will remain in high demand through August and September. The production season for grave lights has not yet started because of the heat, but it will be in full power in September and October, so factories are building stocks in preparation for the season.” – comments by a European wax buyer.

Fergana Refinery can produce more than 900 tons of slack wax months, as well as 100 tons of paraffin T1 and petrolatum (heavy slack wax). Uzbekistan’s slack wax has a light color and a low melting point, which makes it a good source for candle production. You can find a quality sheet of Fergana slack wax below.

Oil content % 15.0 9.0
Viscosity, at 100 °C min cst N/A N/A
Melting point, min °C 47.0 49.8
Flash point, min °C 160.0 190
Density, kg/m3, max 812.7
Sulphur  % 0.7 0.29
Water traces absent

DYM Resources is a professional slack wax and petrolatum supplier, specialized on Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Belarus sourcing. The company is based in Germany, in charge of organizing finance, quality control and delivering products in trucks, tail tank cars and tank containers.

DYM Resources can supply products from the Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazpromneft, Tatneft, Naftan, Fergana and Turkmenbashy refineries. Contact us via our website or email to receive a quote for slack waxes from ex-USSR refineries.

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DYM Resources in Lubes’n’Greases EMEA publications

DYM Resources is very proud that Lubes’n’Greases EMEA, worlds most known media in field of lubricants, oils and waxes, in their publications refers to DYM Resources and our Base oils division Director, Denis Varaksin.

Lubes’n’Greases EMEA – No 101 – Nov.2017

Lubes’n’Greases EMEA – No 102 – Dec.2017

DYM Resources specializes on niche oil products sourcing from former USSR countries. You can check our full product portfolio at Products page and keep in touch by sending a message via Contact page.

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International Lubricating Week Moscow

DYM Resources attends Moscow lubricants week 3-6 October

DYM Resources GmbH will attend Global Lubricants week 2017 in Moscow during 3-6 October. The conference is held in Radisson Royal and sponsored by Russian base oils and lubes giant Lukoil.

‘Russian market is rebounding after 2014-2016 crisis and the economy is showing positive signs: GDP is growing so does key industrial indicators. This leads to additional interest to Russian and CIS market” – DYM Resources base oils and slack wax direct Denis Varaksin says.

One of the key themes during 2017 conference will be digitalization and new technologies in base oils and lubricants marketing. World is rapidly changing, so does lubes industry.

The conference attracts several hundreds of specialists in lubricants field from Russia and all over the world. The event is sponsored by majors as LLK-International, BASF, ExxonMobil, Evonik, LLK-Naftan and is attended by key players such Taneco, Chevron, Nynas and Argus Media.

DYM Resources is a base oils and slack wax trading company focused on sourcing from Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and selling base oil globally in bulk, flexi-containers, rail tank cars and trucks. To schedule meeting with DYM Resources base oils director do not hesitate to contact us via our web-site email address

Photo –
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1st AMEA Base oil, Lubricants and Wax conference

DYM Resources speaks at 1st AMEA Base oil, Lubricants and Wax conference

Base oils trading firm DYM Resource will deliver presentation during 1st AMEA Base oil, Lubricants and Wax conference in Mumbai, India during 13-14 July 2017.

Presentation title is: “The Outlook for Base Oil and Slack Wax Markets in Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan”.

“India and Middle East are growing and rapidly changing markets. Those market are perfect for Group and Group III base oils supplies from Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan” – Denis Varaksin, base oil and wax director at DYM Resources. “We believe supplies from this ex-USSR countries to India should grow in 2H 2017 due to new capacities launch and domestic demand cycle change”, – Varaksin added.

The conference in Mumbai will attract about hundred base oils and wax specialist from various countries including India, South Korea, UAE, Germany and many others.

DYM Resources a global base oils trading company, with head office in Berlin, Germany. The company supplies Group I, II and III base oils in flexies, trucks and iso-containers. DYM Resources has deep expertise in Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Europe.

To schedule meeting with DYM Resources base oils and slack wax expert in Mumbai during 13-14 July 2017, please contact us by email , our LinkedIn and Facebook pages or visit website

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The 21st ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference

DYM Resources Speaks at ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in London

DYM Resources will deliver a presentation at the 21st ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in London, U.K. The event will take place at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, February 15-17, 2017.

DYM Resources’ base oil and slack wax director Denis Varaksin’s paper is titled, “Spotlight on CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Countries: Belarus, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine—and Russia.”

“The London base oils conference attracts more than 600 specialists from base oil, slack wax and paraffin industries from all over the world, and we are pleased to share our expertise on Russia and neighboring countries: dynamic and high-potential markets,” Varaksin said.

The DYM Resources team plans to attend two seminars: “ICIS Iran Base Oils and Lubricants Forum” and “Central, Eastern European, Russian and CIS markets.” Growing markets such as Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Russia will be discovered.

“In these developing markets, to widely used grades of SN 150, SN 500 and Bright Stock, we are adding niche products such as 2, 3 and 4 cSt Group III base oils and rare Group I grades: SN 180, SN 350, SN 400, SN 600, SN 900, and SN 1200 base oils from various refineries,” Varaksin says.

DYM Resources Expertise

As a global player, DYM Resources can supply base oils from different parts of the world at competitive prices in trucks, iso-containers, flexi-bags or in tanker vessels. The company offers a “smart cost” concept: we minimize the costs of purchasing and delivering of base oils and other raw materials through logistics optimization and arbitrage opportunities. DYM Resources provides financial services as well as risk management solutions.

DYM Resources is headquartered in Germany. The company’s key markets are Russia, former Soviet Union states, specifically Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. The company is developing its presence in the U.S., Southeast Asia and Africa. DYM Resources trades base oils, slack waxes, paraffin and petroleum coke.

To schedule a meeting with the DYM Resources team in Dubai during the ICIS Base Oils and Lubricants conference, please contact us through email at, via our LinkedIn and Facebook pages, or our website contact page. We guarantee all requests will be answered.

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