DYM Resources speaks at Argus Petcoke Live

From the 22nd to the 24th of September DYM Resources’s Managing Director Yury Burenko is participating in a virtual conference Argus Petcoke Live as one of the speakers. The Covid-10 crisis has brought big events such as conferences online – and DYM Resources is looking forward to exploring this new way of networking.

Argus Petcoke Live is a 72-hour global virtual event that will enable global peers from the petcoke, cement, aluminum and steel industries to connect and do business bringing together end users, refiners, traders, technology and service providers. Despite being purely virtual, this event still offers everything that a traditional one would: panels and presentations with expert speakers, 1:1 meetings with delegates via video, call or chat, and group meetings. Every attendee has their own profile, so it is easier to filter and choose who to meet with.

The conference is held through a special online platform – a virtual environment created exclusively for the event. A lot of activities during the conference will be interactive, but it will also be possible to catch up on the missed sessions after.

The industry’s response to the Covid-19 crisis will be definitely the hot topic at the event. Discussions will include both region-specific and cross-regional challenges and opportunities. All networking opportunities and content will be available for participants from all time zones.

DYM’s Yury Burenko is excited to be back on track and looks forward to the conference:

“This is our first global event after such a long pause. Since maintaining contacts and socializing is very important in our industry, we have to adjust to the current circumstances and do it online. We regularly participate at Argus’s events and are always happy to share with our key partners some market insights that we get via sourcing from CIS countries showing them existing opportunities”.

DYM Resources is specializing on niche oil products and sustainable commodities supplies from the former USSR countries. One of the key trading markets is petcoke – both of anode and fuel grade.

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DYM Resources restarts bulk petcoke loadings in the Black Sea

Trading company DYM Resources GmbH has restarted bulk loadings of green petroleum coke from a Russian port Yeisk in June 2020 and is planning to continue regular loadings in July and August, the company says.

Port facilities allow to load up to 4500 tons of petroleum coke.

“With an active demand from Turkey and other countries in the Black Sea region we are happy to be back in the market with fuel grade petroleum coke” – Yury Burenco, director of DYM Resources comments.

Russian petroleum coke is used by cement plants as a better alternative to steam coal and lignite due to higher calorific value.

Back in 2016 DYM Resources was one of the first companies that supplied Russian origin petcoke to the Turkish market after tax maneuver decreased export duty for petcoke. Since then the market reshaped significantly, new Delayed Coker Units (DCU) were started in the region, as well as fuel mixes changed at the consumer’s side.

DYM Resources can offer petroleum coke from every producer of the former USSR countries market, including but not limited to Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazpromneft, Tatneft, Antipink refinery and Turkmenbashy refinery.

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, the demand for petroleum coke outpaces the production which was affected by OPEC+ deal. Russian refinery as well as many others have cut their running rates significantly due to lower crude oil supplies and difficulties to sell jet fuel and gasoline. Decrease running rates led to the shortage in petroletum coke and base oils market where DYM Resources is focused on. DYM Resources has a long-term contract with Russian producers which allows the company to offer its clients the product in times of shortage.

Please contact us via our website in case you have any petrolatum coke inquiry.

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DYM Resources renews registration at Uzbekistan commodity exchange

DYM Resources has recently renewed the registration at Uzbek commodity exchange and is able to source base oils, petroleum coke, slack wax and other products from Uzbekistan’s Fergana refinery.

The Fergana refinery produces about 60 types of petroleum products and is the only base oils producer in Uzbekistan. The design capacity of the processing plant is 5.5 million tons of oil per year. Fergana Oil Refinery is the only enterprise for producing fuel and lubricants in Central Asia region except for Turkmenbashy refinery in Turkmenistan.

Fergana Refinery exports SN 100, SN 150, SN 350, and SN 500 base oils and their industrial equivalents. The main destination markets are Central Asia, the Middle East, and Turkey. Base oils product capacity is estimated in different sources from 100,000 tons per year to 400,000 tons per year.

Fergana Refinery can produce more than 900 tons of slack wax a month, as well as 100 tons of paraffin T1 and petrolatum (micro crystalline wax with high oil content). Slack wax of Uzbekistan has a light color and a low melting point, which makes it a good source for candle production. There is a high demand in slack wax among candle manufacturers especially in Poland and Lithuania.

Uzbekistan’s lubes market is estimated at 216,000 tons per year, according to Uznefteproduct. The country imports around 20,000 tons of lubes annually.

DYM Resources is buying the products at the Uzbek commodity exchange, organizing finance and quality control and delivering products at competitive prices, with high quality logistics and flexible payment terms. DYM Resources can offer base oils in rail tank cars or flexi-containers and slack wax in trucks, rail tank cars and tank containers from The Fergana Oil Refinery in Uzbekistan. To get a quality sheet or receive a quote, please send your request to  

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Meet DYM Resources at the 6th International petcoke forum in Moscow

DYM Resources is attending the 6th International petroleum coke forum Neftekoks 2020. The forum takes place in Moscow on the 11-12th of March; it is the key event at the petcoke market in Russia and CIS countries.

Petcoke production in Russia reached the level of 3-3.5 million tons annually. Due to the building of delayed cocking units, a considerable production increase up to 7 million tons/year is expected by 2025.

“Currently the main volumes of the petcoke produced is consumed on the domestic market and only around 1/3 is exported. The production growth will increase export volume 3-4 times,” – Yury Burenko, DYM Resources petcoke trading director.

DYM Resources is dealing with low sulphur and high sulphur petcoke originated from former USSR countries: Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus. DYM Resources is also active on European and Chinese markets of petroleum coke.  

To meet DYM Resources director at the 6th International petcoke Forum in Moscow, please contact us via email

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DYM Resources attends petcoke forum in Moscow

DYM Resources GmbH is attending 5th petroleum coke forum in Moscow, which is called Neftekoks 2019 during March 12-13th. DYM Resources is participating in the forum for the 3rd time.

Petroleum coke production in Russia and ex-USSR countries is growing, we expect new units to start up in 2020, Russia is becoming a major player in Global petcoke market“ – DYM Resources petcoke trading director Yury Burenco says.

Russian petroleum coke forum helps to promote Russian petcoke, improve production stability and quality and find new outlets for the product. Among the participants are the oil majors like Rosneft, Gazpomneft, Lukoil, Tatneft, Antipinsk refinery, metallurgical companies from Russia and CIS, manufactures of abrasive and refractory materials, designers and manufactures of high-tech equipment, representatives of the specialized research institutions.

DYM Resources is a trading firm focused on petroleum coke exports from Russia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. The company is working with low and high Sulphur petroleum coke from multiple suppliers like Rosneft, Lukoil, Tatneft, Gazpromneft, Turkmenbashy refinery and others. DYM Resources loads petcoke to cement and metal industries by rail, container and bulk vessels.

To meet with the DYM Resources director during the Neftekoks 2019 Forum in Moscow, please contract us via our website or email

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China’s petcoke imports from Russia rise 4 times in 1Q 2018

Russia’s petroleum coke supplies into China rose 300% to 120 900 tons in January – March 2018 compared with same period last year according to Chinese customs data and DYM Resources’ analysis.

“Russia became biggest petcoke supplier from CIS counties in 1st quarter toping Kazakhstan who on the contrary halved loading to China. Petroleum coke production increase in Russia combined with high demand were main reason for such an increase” – Yury Burenco from DYM Resources comments.

At least five Russian refineries were exporting green petroleum coke to China in January – Mach 2018.

We are glad to admit that our efforts to promote Russian petroleum coke to Chinese buyers are showing positive results. DYM Resources has exported petcoke from 4 refineries in 1Q 2018’ – Mr. Burenko added.

Overall green petcoke import to China nearly doubled in Q1 2018 and reached 2,297 mln tons.  comparing to same period 2017.

Turkmenistan’s Turkmenbashy refinery loaded 5100 tons of low Sulphur petroleum coke to China in first quarter this year while last year the refinery was loading only to Russia and Tajikistan.

DYM Resources is a professional petroleum coke trading firm organizing sourcing, logistics and finance of petcoke supplies from Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Europe.

Green petcoke imports to China 1Q 2018 comparing to 1Q 2017, ‘000 tons

  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Turkmenistan
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Turkmenbashy refinery

Turkmenbashy petcoke price rise by $20/t

Turkmenbashy refinery has increased green petroleum coke – price by $20/ton reaching another price record for at least 5 years. 20 000 tons of green petcoke were sold 12-13 April 2018.

Demand for low-sulphur petroleum coke remains strong in Russia, Central Asia and Wester China despite some signs of price decrease in other markets.

Turkmenbashy refinery also sold 5000 tons of calcined petcoke on 13 April 2018, price for the product remained stable compared to February sales level.

In February 2018 Turkmenbashy refinery sold 30 000 tons of green petcoke and 10 000 tons of calcined petcoke at prices 2 and 3 times higher compared to previous sales level reached in 2017. Such price spike was mostly driven by West China’s demand where aluminum producers faced shortages of low sulphur petroleum coke amid ecological regulation pressure and increase in local aluminum demand.

By mid of April 2018 Turkmenbashy refinery sold almost third of their annual production capacity.

Turkmenbashy refinery is one of 2 refineries in former USSR country that produces ultra-low sulphur petcoke with Sulphur content up to 0.6% and extra low metals content.

DYM Resources is a trading firm, supplying petroleum coke from ex-USSR and European countries.

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