DYM Resources – Niche Oil Products Trading

DYM Resources is a commodity trading company specializing in niche oil products. We provide start-to-finish service based on logistics and market expertise.

DYM Resources – Niche Oil Products Trading

Our business is niche oil products. Our mission is a better world.

At DYM Resources, we believe that for any company to have a positive impact, it should be built on principles that reach beyond its industry.Our principles are reliability, efficiency, and quality.
Our logistical networks and unique expertise in niche oil products allow us to provide comprehensive, affordable services to our clients. We have the experience and research capacity to educate our clients about specific product and geographic markets, to help them become the best they can be.
Ultimately, our goal is to build positive, long-term relationships with our clients. We believe this is the key to a more productive, innovative world.


We deal with a wide range of niche oil products, from base oil and slack wax to petroleum coke and petrochemicals. We aim to be the champion in this niche and are ready to compete.


We enjoy solving complicated requests efficiently and affordably for our clients. Our cost-efficient structure allows us to offer the best level of customer service at the best price.


Product quality is our number one priority. We source only the highest quality niche oil products from a range of trusted refineries and maintain an open dialogue with our clients about this process.